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  1. Ed A

    WTB: '50s long magnet PAF, double black

    Must be at least 8.5K or higher and of course unmolested... no cover and short lead are not a problem... oh and must have a legible decal... thanks! CONTACT: eda@optonline.net
  2. Ed A

    Allman and Betts Isolated Blue Sky Tracks

    True dat!!!.... Duane was always considered the more aggressive and bluesy player and Dickey the more melodic… Generally that was true… But Duane could play it real sweet when he wanted to and Dickey could really tear it up when he wanted to… Listen to Dickey in 71, closing of the Fillmore June...
  3. Ed A

    Four Bursts

    Beautiful!… Even though I generally like more flame than less… If I had to choose I think it would be the 58!
  4. Ed A

    Great article on the Beano Burst!

    Frampton‘s black beauty… Page’s black beauty… Clapton‘s Beano… Let’s complete the trilogy and get Beano back to Clapton!
  5. Ed A

    Allman and Betts Isolated Blue Sky Tracks

    https://seventurns.net/ There are some videos on our site. Nobody can play and sound like the ABB themselves, but we do have fun playing the music for sure!
  6. Ed A

    My 52 (convert or to convert 2)

    Yes it does.... you cant quite tell by the photo, but I asked that the neck be slightly buried into the body at where it meets the body at the 16th fret so that the shim didnt have to be too large, plus I wanted the neck angle to be within late '50s spec but more shallow than deep, again keeping...
  7. Ed A

    My 52 (convert or to convert 2)

    Beautiful!!!... if you love it, then leave it as is!!!.... Im sure the P90s sound great..... but if youre dying for a '50s Les Paul with PAFs, etc, and cant afford a '57, then consider converting it.... your choice, nobody else's
  8. Ed A

    Allman and Betts Isolated Blue Sky Tracks

    So fantastic that these got released.... two guys in their early 20s just doing what came naturally to them but was really ground breaking for a rock band.... and having been in an Allman Brothers Tribute for the last 20 years it was great to hear some detail here that you cant hear in the full...
  9. Ed A

    Two Conversions...

  10. Ed A

    To Convert or not Convert

    When posting you should see a button that says Attach files and the bottom left of the post box
  11. Ed A

    To Convert or not Convert

    I see the low logo, so a conversion I presume... sweet! Here is mine.....
  12. Ed A

    To Convert or not Convert

    Yup!.... hacking it up doesnt make it a worse guitar... and not that I give a crap about value, but a proper conversion on a trapeze 52 or 53 actually increases value.... what 'hacking it up' DOES do is give you an original goldtop that plays and sounds like a '57 for 1/10th the price... but Im...
  13. Ed A

    To Convert or not Convert

    Here you have it in a nutshell... I have had at least 50 to 60 Historics come and go and five old wood replicas LPs.... many fantastic guitars but none that are quite as good as my 53/57 goldtop... I sold my goldtop four years ago and have been chasing that tone ever since and am very fortunate...
  14. Ed A

    What were the best "dust ups" we've had here on the LPF during the last 21 years?

    This must be the full 21 years ago but I used to get into it with all caps RICH, The self-proclaimed best guitarist on the planet and the king of all metal lol... but it turns out that not only did we eventually smooth things out but I ended up going to his home with my first conversion and he...
  15. Ed A

    To Convert or not Convert

    Yeah agreed.... Ive had four '50s goldtops and you cant replicate that gold.... one thing to consider if you convert it, is you could always get yourself a '50s special to replace the junior if you gotta have two P90s... I just sold a '59 cherry special that was as hot or hotter than any junior...
  16. Ed A

    To Convert or not Convert

    Looks like I will be the first here to say convert it if YOU really want to.... I converted my '53 trapeze with headstock repair... P90s are great, but I personally prefer PAF guitars.... I initially went the Glaser bridge route and played it for a while, but again as great as P90s are, they...
  17. Ed A

    First BURST to start 2021

    Beautiful!.... and with the plain top and the fade, double whites for sure!... looks killer
  18. Ed A

    The best sounding junior I’ve owned

    Yep, awesome!.... recently let go a '59 Special with an 8.6K bridge pup that screamed.... needed to sell to by back my old '57 conversion, but those are great guitars!
  19. Ed A

    Introducing: 1955 restored Goldtop

    Stunning!.... PAFs long or short mags? and whats the weight by the way?... I know someone who is looking to a buy a '55 or '56 conversion... doesnt sound like you'll get bored any time soon, but let me know if you do.... a beauty!