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    Any love here for ES Vos Les Pauls..
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    ES Les paul comments

    Any love here for the Les paul ES guitars .Any experience or comments appreciated..
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    2008 Nashville 335...any comments on that year qualitu

    2008 Nashville made es 335 ,any comments re that year Quality, workmanship etc, Nashville ,Memphis does it matter that year , your comments and replies appreciated..Thank you
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    2015 Traditional classic GOOD DEAL ???

    Hey all, Found a 2015 Les paul close out at SA. NEW..BLACK BEAUTY... taged as a Traditional classic.?? I was confused because the guitar has none of the features the 2015 trads have..no trad on truss cover,no zero brass nut, no g force tuners,grovets instead,no halogram, covered pups,Abr...
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    Anyone top wrapping their 335

    Anyone top wrap their 335s or other es guitars ?
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    ES 335 opinions

    Hey all .Any opinions on the Es335 from 2013 to 2014either the 63 or 5oth annirversary model.From what ive read here 2013 was a good year.Did the 2014s follow suit..and also any comments re the models with the burstbuckers vs the 57 classics.Thanks for your comments and opinions.
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    2006 vos 58 Muddy tone

    Hey all anyone here with a solution to the muddy tone my vos 58 has..What needs to be changed PUPS,Pots,,etc..your help greatly appreciated..Thanks
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    Es 137 custom

    Scored a 08 es 137 found in music shop in Maryland..my first guitar with a varitone ..Ebony board ...triburst in great shape heavyset guitar I've ever owned. But looking foreword to spending time with it. The varitone is more useful then I expected.. any love here for es 137s here..if so what...
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    2001 memphis 335 and 2000 dot 335and was wodering

    Hey all first off happy and healthy new year too ya all..I have 2 335s one from 2001, one from 2000..the 2001 a candy apple red,no flame at all.with a yellowish crown on the headstock and on the black case it says" Gibson memphis" No shroud..dark fret board.The 2000 335 red plenty of...
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    335 input jack problem

    While playing my 335 at home i noticed my imput jack was loose..After tightning it up, :## Probaly too much..Iam now getting no sound..all cables,amps other guitars working..What did i do too it !!!
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    New Deluxe reverb RI

    Hey all..just picked up a new fender DRRI..Loving this amp so far"especially with the" full tone plim soul "pedal I also picked up with it..I have a question re the amp..while using the The STAND BY switch theres a very noticable "PoP" when goin from Play to Stand by only...no pop when...
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    peavey classic 50 410

    Hello just picked up a peavey classic 50..only have it a day..The enternal speaker jack is in the 16 ohm..theres also an 8 ohm rec...can i use either one.With out harming the amp.also when i add the 15speaker cab how do i set it up..410 in the 16 ohm and 15 in the 8ohm or the oppsite sorry for...
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    11s on a 335

    Anyone using 11s on there 335s.thinking of goin from 10s too 11s ..will i need to set the guitar up differently goin from 10s to 11?? tks
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    Gibson recomended strings for r8

    Does anyone use the recomened strings as per that little card that comes in the case, with all the other tags etc i think they recomend E 440s ? ONLY for proper intonation !!I was going thru the case compartment and noticed that lil card for the first time recomending those strings which i...
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    help needed to identify this 335

    Serial # says its a 2001,no label in F hole,seller is not the original owner but has said the guitar is one model down from a 335??..Its identical to my 2000 cherry 335 in shape and size,except for the color its more of a candy apple red,bindings all around are a cream color, and the head stock...
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    1991 les paul custom plus or 2006 58 VOS

    Hard times are forceing me to to part ways with one of my two lesters. A 1991 custom plus, original owner, great player,mint cond,great AAA top or A 2006 58 VOS also mint cond,great player ,iced tea top..having a real hard time decieding which one is going,Whats really making me sick is I may...
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    feder deluxe vintage modified

    anyone here have any expirence with fenders new deluxe vintage modified amp thanks
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    1981 les paul tim shaw pups ??

    My son inlaw has an original 81 standard les paul good clean sound but really good when driven hard...did gibson use tim shaws pups in 1981..thanks for your reply........happy holidays too all...
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    any love here for peavey classic 410

    any love for peaveys classic 410 amps,have a chance to pick one up..any comments welcome thanks
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    es 339 or es 335

    Ever since i got my vos 58 les paul,great guitar by the way,ive been wishing my 2000 es 335 had the thicker neck profile.It has the 60 slim taper neck. the 335 is also a great guitar. Ive just been jonesing for a fatter neck on a es guitar and cant afford the goin rate on the 59 es 335 or the...