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  1. captainvideo

    NGD 2014 R8 not sure about finish name

    Hey all Friday was a NGD for me. I recently sold my 2013 R4 and well I had some money sitting in the paypal account and sent a low offer to this on Reverb. The guy accepted and I just had to pay for it. So far so good. It's a 2014 VOS.
  2. captainvideo

    p90s from a 2013 Les Paul Gold Top R4

    What are these worth on the used market without the covers? Thanks
  3. captainvideo

    36 years ago for Michael Bloomfield...

    Today is as good of a day as any to give Super Sessions a spin. I entered this planet 13 month after Michael died. Obviously I never saw him play live but I enjoy his music weekly if not daily. He's one of the main reasons why I play guitar. I grew up in a town neighboring where he lived as...
  4. captainvideo

    2016 Les Paul R8 for sale or trade

    This is probably a shot in the dark but I purchased two R8s this summer and I realize I only need 1. This one is literally unplayed. The binding has not even started to take on any dye from play. I'm looking for an R4, R6, or R7. Ideally I would do a trade with someone local. For sale for...
  5. captainvideo

    The Whereabouts of Freddie King's Gold Top

    I know it has been discussed. I did a few forum searches and there's a thread from 2014. It's been two years thought, has anyone heard anything? Are there even any leads, myths, rumors, etc? I think Freddie's Gold Top is the ultimate missing Les Paul. It should be in a museum somewhere...
  6. captainvideo

    Gibson Les Paul R4

    Help. Am I missing something on the Gibson website. Is the R4 not available in True Historic or Standard anymore?
  7. captainvideo

    NGD 2013 R4

    Well I've picked up my third custom shop Les Paul of the year. This is addicting. This one is a 2013 R4 VOS. The original owner swapped out the stock pickups for Van Zandts. My previous knowledge of p90s is a Les Paul Studio Gem from 1997, and a Elitist Casino. These sound good but I'm...