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  1. mikeh

    Medallion V #338

    Here are a few better pictures. As i mentioned i received 2 cases with it. a sixties rectangle/firebird stlye that ha a non numbered coin attached,and this seventies one. The instrument sounds outrageous in the marshall pictured,which is a JTM45 reissue on an old 78 cabinet with the original...
  2. mikeh

    Medallion V #338

    i also recieved a correct 70,s case with the sale that had no medallion coin,but appears to have had one. So it looks like the guy thought it would be a good idea to put the coin on the older case instead. I will certainly put it back where it belongs.
  3. mikeh

    Medallion V #338

    Hello everyone. I purchased this pretty clean Medallion#338 recently. Grovers added,originals in the case. I also put another period correct abr-1 on,as the original was sunk/curved down. It has since been fixed and is in the case. Oddly this shipped in a late sixries case rectangle case that...
  4. mikeh

    my recent 1979 Les paul custom

    Hello folks . These are 2 norlin customs I purchased this past month. This 1979 is terrific playing and sounding. Solid mahogany body on this one,which makes it sound a bit different than my 76. Same tonal charcter,but better sustain. weight is about 10.5 lbs. I had forgotten just how great and...