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  1. 53Goldtop

    WTB: Two bass side gold single line single ring Klusons for a 62 Hummingbird

    Anybody have a couple? Thanks, Kevin
  2. 53Goldtop

    WTB: 1950's Gibson Polish Kit

    Hi. Looking for the orange box "Handy Polish Kit” with polish bottle and cloth to complete a set of Gibson paraphernalia. Thanks. Need not have any polish in bottle. Kevin
  3. 53Goldtop

    STILL LOOKING: Stolen 1983 '57 Reissue Stratocaster

    Hi. This guitar was stolen from me 6/4/1994 in Denver, CO after a gig. It was a sunburst 1983 (I think) '57 Reissue Stratocaster # V010258. It was stolen with a '72 Les Paul (which I recovered from Guitar Center here 9 years later when I walked in to buy a cord) and a bag of effects. Extreme...
  4. 53Goldtop

    1959 or so Gibson LP screwdriver

    So I completed my set of hangtags for my '59 LP and am now searching for the adjustment screwdriver - I know it is a longshot but anyone have an extra??? Thanks, Kev
  5. 53Goldtop

    WTB: Early ‘60s Hummingbird case

    Hi. Looking for an original 1962 Hummingbird case. If you have anything close please let me know. Thanks, Kevin
  6. 53Goldtop

    Broadcaster list

    Hi. I have compiled a list of known serial numbers for 1950 Broadcasters (since I own one) using all Fender books, the TDPRI, the internet and the James Werner list from 1988. Does anyone have the 1999 Werner's list? I corresponded with James 30 years ago and actually have his number but there...
  7. 53Goldtop

    WTB: 1959 LP Standard switch/toggle tag

    Hi! Looking for an original 'burst switch tag to complete my tag set. Thanks, Kevin
  8. 53Goldtop

    WTB: Original Broadcaster Tweed case or Bulwin case

    Hi. Looking to buy an original Tweed case (preferred) for an early Broadcaster but would certainly consider and early Bulwin. If anyone has one please contact me. Thanks, Kevin
  9. 53Goldtop

    Buy airline ticket for guitar

    Hi. Anyone bought an airline ticket for a guitar? I need to do this this week. Thanks for any help. Kev
  10. 53Goldtop

    1976 LP Custom Natural, Maple Board

    Very nice 1976 Les Paul Custom, Natural with maple board. Slight worming on back and some buckle rash. Part of surround broken on bridge pickup. All original with original case. One latch broken but in case. $2900 Sorry for the big pick. I have back and front headstock pics and pots if...
  11. 53Goldtop

    Wanted: Original 'burst switch tag

    Hi. Looking for an original switch tag that came with a 58-60 burst to complete my set of tags. Anyone? Also would like a tune-o-matic screwdriver. Thanks!
  12. 53Goldtop

    FS: 1959 LP Jr. and 1976 LP Deluxe

    Hi. I'm listing two guitars. The first is a very nice cherry 1959 Les Paul Jr., and also a 1976 Natural Les Paul Deluxe. Both are beautiful guitars with great necks. The Deluxe is under 9 lbs, 8lb 13oz to be exact and the Junior, is well, just a great Junior. If you have any questions, need more...
  13. 53Goldtop

    WTB: Mid 1970's LP Deluxe Trussrod Cover

    Hi. Looking for a mid-70's, 1976 to be exact, LP Deluxe trussrod cover. Anyone have one to sell? Thanks, Kevin
  14. 53Goldtop

    Stolen: 1983 '57 Reissue Strat, Sunburst V010258

    Hi. I'm still searching for my '57 reissue Strat. It was stolen from my car in June 1994 in Denver, CO. Given to me by my brother. Serial number above. I can def identify it as I made a small enhancement to it and by some other means also. Reward. I know it is a long shot but I recovered another...
  15. 53Goldtop

    1962 EB3 case

    Hi. Looking for a "Gator" case, marigold lining for a 1962 EB3. I may even buy a chipboard if in very good shape. Thanks, Kev
  16. 53Goldtop

    WTB: 'burst switch tag

    Looking for an original 'burst switch tag to complete my set. Thanks!
  17. 53Goldtop

    'Burst strap pic needed

    Could someone post a pic of both sides of the Gibson strap that normally came with a 'burst. I think it is the light brown leather one with a white or cream colored back. Thanks!!!
  18. 53Goldtop

    Been trying not to ask!!!! Really!

    What happened to the Catalogue Burst?
  19. 53Goldtop

    The 'Burst that didn't get away!

    OK, I know this is crazy. But after looking at that other thread, I thought I would try another one about first time 'burst buyers who never let their guitars go away. I was a semi-pro musician and bought one in 2001 - I think??? A dealer here in CO was going to a show, and brought it in for a...
  20. 53Goldtop

    WTB: Original Beatle cabinet

    Hi! Looking for an original Beatle cab, loaded with trolley and the original speakers and Midaz horns to complete my setup. If you have anything that will fit the bill please let me know. Thanks, Kev