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  1. Nick-O

    Dickey Betts cancelled shows...

    I read this on his site. Sounds like his health is giving him some issues. Wishing him all the best. I know his love is for playing out. Greatly loved brother
  2. Nick-O

    FSOT * Lipe Soldato Telecaster

    Selling my Lipe Telecaster. In wonderful condition. I will post a link with details from my listing on Reverb. Price is $1600 shipped lower 48 states, BUT, I would happily trade up or down for the right SG. I must be missing something cause I can't attach pictures to this thread, but there are...
  3. Nick-O

    FS * Bluesman '51 coupe Esquire/Tele

    Selling this Vintage Bluesman '51 Coupe. These are hand built by a company in Tenn. Nice and light and resonant, very smooth to play. It has a D Allen bridge pickup which is not harsh at all, which is my major concern with anything tele related. Has a Dimarzio Twnag King in the neck. All good...
  4. Nick-O

    FS * Flyrig 5 Plexi

    FS * Flyrig 5 Plexi SOLD Selling this Tech 21 Fly Rig 5. Used for a one off series of travel dates. It was much easier than worrying about using backline amps. Impressive sound straight thru front of house. I don't record at home, but it would be perfect for that sort of thing. Comes in...