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  1. Tim Plains

    Has anyone placed a M2M order in 2019

    If so, just curious when you did and how long it took for the guitar to be delivered. Thanks.
  2. Tim Plains

    Pearly Gates VOS / custom care kit

    That's the guitar cable, cleaning cloth, etc. Did Pearys come with a care kit? If so, which one? I have two kits that are different and just want to make sure, if one belongs to Pearly, that I get it right. One has a cleaning cloth and picks (right package plus external cable), the other kit...
  3. Tim Plains

    R7s. 57 Classics to Burstbuckers transition

    A local gear head and I were just having a discussion on this. As far as historic specs go, Burstbuckers replaced 57 Classics in 2003. Correct? Did R7s retain the 57 Classics longer because of their association with 1957? My friend's 2007 R7 Custom has factory 57 Classics. I know it's...
  4. Tim Plains

    1968 Custom reissue color choices

    Just curious. What colors have you seen on these Customs? Black (obviously). Tri-burst. Silverburst. Aged pelham blue chambered models. Anything else?
  5. Tim Plains

    CC owners - how did you choose yours?

    Just curious. Is it because you like the idea of your CC being a copy of one particular burst? Was a resemblance to the actual burst of any importance? Would any guitar from that run be good enough? (I.e. I just want a Red Eye, I don't care what it looks like.) My Shanks #143. I wasn't...
  6. Tim Plains

    2013 laminated fretboard?

    First off, I have nothing against them and bought a (fantastic) 2012 '63RI 335 knowing it had the board. I am just curious if Gibson continued using two-piece boards on any of the early 2013 historics. This is a discussion forum after all. I emailed Gibson about this in early 2013 when I was...
  7. Tim Plains

    Antiquity P-90s

    I recently picked up a Custom Shop Jr with an Antiquity. Based on searching the forum, this P-90 seems to get some love but I noticed many of the posts were old going as far back as 2002. Just curious if any of you have compared the Antiquity to other aftermarket P-90s and how it fares against...
  8. Tim Plains

    Spec changes on Standards and Customs

    I was just curious if anyone knows how Gibson goes about changing specs every year. Is everything supposed to be changed across the board and all at once? Meaning, if something changes, does it change on all Standards and Customs from a certain date moving forward? I know R9s had different...