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    Troubleshooting Advice - Friedman Runt 20

    I have a Runt 20 combo and just now the clean channel cut out. I changed the tubes a while back and it’s been working fine. I rarely even use the clean channel, but I’d still like to fix it. Maybe a tube went bad? I have some extra tubes I can swap in, but I’m not sure which one/s are for the...
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    PRS McCarty Joe Walsh Limited Edition

    Cool guitar, but I liked it better when they called it a Les Paul. https://www.chicagomusicexchange.com/products/prs-mccarty-594-singlecut-joe-walsh-limited-edition-1230336 The PRS guitars I've played are great, almost too perfect if that's possible. I think for the money I'd prefer a real LP...
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    NGD 2021 '58 Lemonburst VOS

    Hello folks, first-time posting to the group so be gentle. :) I pulled the trigger on my first Custom Shop Les Paul and I feel like a fool for not doing so sooner! The guitar is a 2021 '58 Standard in Lemonburst with '59 spec frets. I don't know how they number these things, but it was made...