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    Bending ABR1 posts and doubled up thumbwheels

    It likely happened from being bumped in the case. This guitar has toured the world. I highly doubt regular tuning would cause the post to bend.
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    Simple question ..... what is the coolest non Gibson guitar ?

    A Fender guitar. My vote is the for a sub 7lb Esquire or Telecaster.
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    OK...what the heck is going on, here?

    Does that price trigger you? Move on and buy your jack plate for $15 from some one else. Anything is worth what someone will pay. No need to make a thread about this....
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    Gibson Pickup Quick Connect Adapter/Install

    You can rip that out and sell the harness on Reverb to pay for a new set of CTS pots and some tone caps. Otherwise you'll need to splice the wires and connect the pickups to the clips that were used with the factory pickups.
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    VIP? The Art of Tone? Emerson? Pots.... Or Other????

    VIP are the only modern day substitute to the real Centralab pots of the day.
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    OK...what the heck is going on, here?

    Who cares?
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    Shipping Guitar FedEx Ground

    Fed Ex is the absolute worst shipping company to use for anything valuable. UPS have always had my back in any situation and have never lost or broke an instrument in my experience. I rate FedEx an absolute ZERO out of 10. 0/10. The worst.
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    Clapton's Shameful Slide

    Clapton is a legend. Study shows the most washed part of the human body in 2020 was in fact, the brain!
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    US east coast travel tips

    New York sucks. Just hang out in Florida. Go to Disney World.
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    A '59 in Canada

    Wow - it's beautiful!!!
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    Control Knobs

    My knobs cracked, and at first it was a bummer, but then I noticed the line of the crack when lined up with the thumb bleeder was a perfect sound, right around "7". Now it's cool.
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    The Wood Thing Was Too Controversial

    I use old wood and RotoSound .08's and I would say the tone is that of "God's voice."
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    T-Top Replacement?

    I know everybody has their opinion on pickups. The Model '78 by Seymour Duncan is what I'd throw in there.
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    I don't understand why people dislike Norlin era Gibson products so much...

    I have played a 1970 Custom that was amazing, a 1971 "Standard '58", a 1976 L.E. Explorer, and a 1980 "Heritage Elite" - that each had the "magic". Additionally, there have been a few secret runs of amazing Les Paul's such as the Leo Les Paul and Guitar Trader Magazine's release. Some even came...
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    ABR Comparasions

    What about this "Four Uncles" bridge? Does anyone have real-time experience with it yet?
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    Best way to sell a 3 guitar group?

    Personally, I'd suggest splitting the lot. You may come to find selling two of them might afford you the ability to keep the third!
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    The ULTIMATE upgrade.

    *It should be noted that the original Bobby Lee/Ace strap shown in the picture is a huge part of the tone as well!
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    The ULTIMATE upgrade.

    I would argue that Vintage Inspired Pickups "VIP" Potentiometers are in the ballpark, so-to-speak. I have been very pleased with them, though in my experience they are not as rugged as original Centralab pots of the day. But for what's available nowadays - I give credit to the VIP pots for what...
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    Bending ABR1 posts and doubled up thumbwheels

    I would like to believe the metallurgy of the posts and thumbwheels make a tremendous difference in tonal transfer. Along with the abr-1 and saddles themselves, I feel like quality metal is the trick for that extra 2% on the acoustic side of things. I have slipped back down the rabbit hole...