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    What were you doing at 11 years old?

    I was building model kits and working on a train layout. I was just starting to get an interest in music after watching the neighbor’s garage band. I was mesmerized by the blue sparkle drum kit. I made drums from cardboard boxes and cymbals from the large red plates of my Erector set.

    Trying to Figure Out if This Is this a Knock Off...

    The Chibsons are getting better. It use to be that you could spot them from 20 feet away.

    Burst payment plan?

    The typical 'Burst pots have a streaked back and the manufacturing codes are stamped on the side of the case. I don't recall seeing any cavity photos with pots that were stamped on the backside of the case, although I suppose its possible. Also, if they were originally in a 'burst, the center...

    Eyeing Gibson R8 2003 Brazil Board with serial number 8xxxx...for 4000 USD

    I assume that the 2nd digit is a "3" which might have led the OP or the dealer to believe that it is a 2003, but 2003's had paper COAs not the booklet. If the 2nd digit is a 3, then this is a 2013 model.

    Goldtops, well, just because...

    2003 BRW R7 1969 conversion: 1952:

    Custom shop university

    It appears that a spambot has invaded the LPF and latched onto a 20 year thread. I highly suggest not clicking the link in the post above. EDIT: Never mind, the mods have eradicated the spam post

    What's on TV? Show your TVs.

    I bought this 1956 TV last year through Heritage Auctions. It was advertised as a 2007 aged Reissue model, but when I looked at features such as the tailpiece position, knob positions, frets, fret markers, etc, I knew it was the real deal. Full-size photos were available on the HA webpage for...

    Max weight for a R9?

    I'm not sure that Murphy was aging any guitars for Gibson in 2003, and the "factory aging" process didn't exist at the time. I have my doubts that the wear is all natural. The 2003 lacquer has plasticizers in it which resist checking, although it can still check with extreme temperatures. My...

    New Custom Shop and Help IDing

    It was built by the Custom Shop, but its not a Historic Reissue '57 model. I'm not sure of all the differences, but I know it has a Nashville bridge rather than an ABR, and I believe that it has a short tenon rather than a long one.

    Hey it's Mat from Gibson Product Development - AMA

    Hey Matt, Do you know if records exist for repairs done by Gibson? I am the third owner of a 1960 Black Beauty that was renecked by Gibson in 1972. The replacement neck has a long tenon, so it was custom-made for the guitar,not pulled off of the production line, however it is stamped with...

    1960 Classic - Years of Manufacture

    ^^^ this pretty much nails it. A few things I can add: I've only seen one '89 which had an all-gold finish. There must not have been many made in 1989. In addition to All-Gold, Cherry, and Honeyburst (brown back), the 1990's were also available in a Darkburst which had a brown back with the...

    Is there a name for this type of wood figuring?

    If it was up to me, I’d call it Plasmaburst.

    Gibson Les Paul Standard 1960 Original Owner with tags

    Good eye. You can also see that the pickguard hasn't yet oxidized, so its still light cream in color. I've converted a number of 1950's P90 guards into humbucker guards, and its apparent that the pickguards were once a lighter shade than they are now. Here are leftover pieces of converted...

    Lesters pickguard new old stock! (edited)

    The signature looks pretty typical of other Les Paul signatures I've seen, so maybe things happened just the way he said , except that he was mistaken about the time period.

    lets identify exactly how a good vintage burst sounds different than a Historic .....

    In my hands, a $500K 'burst would probably end up sounding like a $3K Historic at best.

    Lesters pickguard new old stock! (edited)

    That's a very cool! 🙂 (y) I hope that I don't come across as Debbie Downer, but since I know a lot about pickguards, I thought that I would share my opinion. Based on the photo (which is somewhat blurry), the pickguard appears to be from the 1970's, not the 1950's. The 1950's and late 1960's...

    Getting the Mapleflame Mod Patented

    I've been told that you you must apply for a patent within a year after introducing a product to the public. After that, the invention cannot be patented.

    TV Yellow truss rod cover

    I've never seen such an animal, but I could certainly make one. Something like this but replace "CUSTOM" with the desired text:

    Is 9.4 lbs considered real heavy for a 2019 R6?

    I consider anything over 9 lbs to be heavy. The average is probably 8.5-9 lbs.