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    Vintage cases, usually sold out of the Atlanta area?

    Has anyone bought one of these cases over the past few years? I haven’t. But here is a recent link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/294143454701?hash=item447c50eded:g:gTsAAOSwfuBghIc4#vi__app-cvip-panel
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    Please delete - premature post

    Please delete - thanks!
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    1958 Flying V just listed on Reverb

    https://reverb.com/item/39766715-gibson-flying-v-1958-natural Anyone come across this one before? Or knows anything about its history? I just Googled the serial, and the only thing I could find was this ‘58 Skylark lap steel listing that (at least according to the description) has the same...
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    It’s that time of year again - your pick for most undervalued Gibson model and why

    Here we are again at year end. We’ve had this subject come up several times in the past. Please give your own personal pick for (as of year-end 2020) the most undervalued Gibson model, and why. This could be something super common. Or it could be something more obscure. For the sake of...
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    Dimensions for a single body “wing” of a ‘58 korina V?

    By any chance, does anyone out there have an original korina ‘58 Flying V for reference? I’m trying to nail down the exact dimensions for one of the body “wings” if that is something anyone has access too. Thanks in advance!
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    Theory about black “1967” Les Paul (wraparound tailpiece, not the Torpedo Joe one)

    First - some background to make an important point about pot codes: Skip to around 5:45 in this video about a Les Paul Deluxe from circa 1970: https://youtu.be/b3shwV1vTdg This is just one example, luckily here in YouTube video form which makes it simple for me to point to here, but I have...
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    One of these days... maybe we’ll talk about FACTORY BLACK 67-71 SG Standards?

    I’ve tried to “tee up” this topic a couple of times, in the past, but it has only been met with cricket chirps. I wanted to check see if anyone can add any knowledge about the subject of FACTORY BLACK (and ONLY factory black) SG Standards during the “batwing” era (1967 though first part of...
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    EVH has died

    RIP legend. One of the very best.
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    Who bought this factory black top early ‘70s Les Paul Deluxe?

    Was considering it, but didn’t trust the lack of feedback. If legit, this was a steal: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Gibson-Les-Paul-Deluxe-1970s-good-condition-1-owner/402438155799?hash=item5db32eee17:g:~msAAOSw50xfYV~z#vi__app-cvip-panel
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    Check this out (eBay)

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    PAF history - this needs repeating, again, and again...

    I’ve said this in many different posts over the years, but I think it needs repeating. I can’t stand reading this incorrect fact anymore. I’m not talking about prototype pickups when I say the following - I’m talking about regular production pickups: Virtually every written history you will...
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    Calling all Skylark lap steel fans...

    Thought you might find this interesting. This is an obscure chapter in the history of the Skylark lap steel that has intrigued me for a while, and there is very little good info out there on the subject: https://youtu.be/QXuWJdFbBJs
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    factory black early ‘71 SG Standard (‘67-‘71 body style)

    Quick video walk-through of an original factory black (early) ‘71 SG Standard: https://youtu.be/7TZwIktQkhs
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    1966 “Torpedo Joe” Les Paul owned by Billy Gibbons (photos)

    All I know about it (which is very little)... I know from these photos: http://imageevent.com/firstflight/torpedojoegibson;jsessionid=tx9mh5qqf3.cow_s?p=4&n=1&m=24&c=4&l=0&w=2&s=0&z=2
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    Factory ebony finishes on late ‘60s through early ‘70s Gibson solidbodies

    Factory ebony finishes on late ‘60s through early ‘70s Gibson solidbodies I was curious if anyone could share any knowledge, perspective, or experience on the subject of factory ebony finishes on late ‘60s through early ‘70s Gibson solidbodies. Most specifically, I am talking about (1) SG...
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    Gibson no longer providing shipping-date serial # searches to vintage owners?

    Hi everyone, Has anyone recently attempted to get shipping-date info regarding a specific serial number on a vintage Gibson? We know certain shipping date logs were lost (late 50s), but that limitation aside, shipping date info was something that Gibson would fairly routinely give to owners of...
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    Video walkthrough of a 1957 (PAF) Ultratone lap steel, compared with earlier ones

    Here is a video I’ve been meaning to do for a while. The PAF Ultratones (‘57-‘59) have always fascinated me. I own one that I have been (very slowly) restoring with correct parts. I saw that Joe Bonamassa recently got one as well, as seen on his Instagram. I know that Tom W. owns a few, too, so...
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    (Six-string, pre-decal) PAFs didn’t first ship until February 18, 1957 - not earlier

    I know this is the vintage Les Paul section here, but I still think this is the proper place to post this. Here (link below) is a little YouTube video I put together, where I walk through the timeline of the earliest (pre-decal, six-string PAFs). So many books and websites are just flat-out...
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    What is the cream colored material used as the base on late ‘50s Epi “NY” pickups?

    I always figured it was plastic. But look at this photo. It almost looks like bone. Could it actually be ivory??
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    Imagine for a minute that Gibson had stopped making ES 335/345/355s after 1960...

    Just have fun with the idea - let’s just pretend. How would we thinking about these guitars (‘58 - ‘60) today? What would the impacts have been? Let’s say that Gibson didn’t start making them again until 1968 (through present).