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    Price check? Aged Gary Moore Collectors Choice #1

    These seemed to be pretty well tucked away. I seldom see them surface for sale. What are these things going for these days? Does anyone feel they are superior to the current crop a killer Historics with upgraded specs?
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    Tell how much you guys are loving your Duane Allman cherry bursts?

    Tell me everything. This run really took a some heat, for not being the cherryburst we saw Duane use in the early 70's, too subtle, not subtle enough, too pricey, ect. But I'll bet the guys who own have a different story to tell. Talk to me, cause I think they're sweet!
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    Is this true? Blues Breaker question

    I've been having a good old time revisiting the Mayall Bluebreaker album and my Louis Electric 2-12 Bluesbreaker, when I read the original model was wired for 16 ohms. I know Clapton's amp was lost years ago; but was that model really 15-16 ohms? Sonically how would you guys say that 8 ohms...
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    Which glue for inlays.

    Damdest thing, in all my years of playing I've never had an inlay pop out, let alone 2, in the G and A positions of my Les Paul. Ever try to play a guitar without an inlay? I really need to get these glued back in. Any tricks I should be aware of? More importantly, what brand of glue should...
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    Have you guys seen this?

    My NEW favorite magazine! Who needs the lession of the week anyway? www.guitaraficionado.com Trust me. Just the pix on pages 51 and 52 of Jimmy with #2, and Clapton during the Bluesbreaker session make it worth the price of admission. Guitars, cars, wine. But they need more girls. Anyway...
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    replacing vintage with larger size frets on vintage spec neck.

    Can anyone give me some insight/experience on replacing vintage frets with say, medium jumbos or 6105's on a vintage shape/radius neck. Most of the newer guitars I've seen/owned with larger frets have had 9 1/2 radius board. I have a great masterbuilt 63' reissue Strat, from a limited run...
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    An 97' R0 and 97' R8 for an aged Bloomfield?

    Thoughts? Good trade or bad idea?
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    Does Dan now have a pleck machine in the shop?

    Not that he needs one. The work he did for me was astoundingly precise. But, I thought I read somewhere on the forum that he now has one.
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    What color are these new Guitar Center R0's?

    I absolutely love it; but I don't know what it's called. Is is a darkburst? Is it a bourbon burst? Or, is it a brockburst? What is it? It is gorgeous.
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    What year did Gibson strat plecking Historics?

    I thought it was 2006; but time is flying by so I lost track.
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    Price check please.

    Does anyone have a rough idea what a 97" R0 is worth? Lawyer top, as typical for that period, ice teaish color, but no cert.
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    What's the quick fix for Volume and Tone knobs that constantly fall off?

    Geez, what a nusance. It's a problem on about three of my Les Pauls right now; not to mention the football switch on one of my Strats p/u selector. I know there's a simple fix before I make the problem worse. Thanks
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    Problems with inlays popping up.

    Hey guys, two of the inlays (G & A positions)on my R9 are starting to pop up. This is something I've never experienced, definitely a nusance. Is there a quick fix?
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    Louis Rosano and my Louis Electric Blues Breaker!

    Well, my Louis Electric Blues Breaker arrived one short month ago and I promise a review. I've been jonesing for a BB for years. So after purchasing a KR12, I finally said, "Lou, I want a Les Paul amp." Lou replied, "Dave, this is THE Les Paul amp!" To say that Louis Rosano has once again...
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    The year of swapping gear, or never say never.

    Did you ever swear you'd never part with anything? My head is still spinning from the past few months, and some of it not so easy. Gone: 96' Historic Flametop, my first, but lots of upgrades since the old days. 58' Mary Ford, just an outstanding goldtop and limited. 000-28 Clapton Martin(my...
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    Pulled the trigger on a Louis Electric Blues Breaker!

    My KR12 is such an inspiring amp to play that I had to pull the trigger on Lou's Bluesbreaker, the monster 2-12, handwound transformers and handmade speakers to boot! (when you're handbuilding your own speakers you're pretty hardcore) :lol Lou has been incredible to work with, spent hours with...
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    I just played the 50th anniversary Goldtop from GC.

    I wish I could report is was amazing; definitely not my cup of tea. I was expecting to see some killer aged Murphy. Instead it's a goldtop with a gaudy goldplated headstock, ebony fingerboard, and I think a gold pickguard. Lot's of gold! They should call it the P. Ditty signiture model...
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    Bought a Louis Electric KR12!

    I've been jonesing for one of Louis's amps for a while now, and as fate would have it a KR12 happened fall my way. How could I refuse right? I made a quick call to Louis, who for the record is a super, super, guy and very passionate about producing great "old" amp tone. This particular KR12...
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    Opinions on the divided by 13 EDT 13/29 ?

    What could I expect in term of tone and versatility. I've been searching for the the ultimate grab and go combo(if there is such a thing). I'm thinking this could be it. I've been listening to some clips of the Two Rock Jet at www.indoorstorm.com which also sounds impressive; but I'm leaning...
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    What ever became of John Sebastian's burst?

    Public T.V was doing one of their fund raisers, tonight featuring John Sebastian and the Lovin' Spoonful. There was plenty of old live footage of the band performing live(well, lipsinking actually). But, the other real star on stage was his old burst which ended up featured in a slew of really...