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  1. DrRobert

    The End of an Era

    I should preface this with thanks to the folks who helped me with this stage of my life: Wittrock, Ganzler, Terry Mueller, Andy Yonke, Dave Rogers and many others. My thanks to you all for a LOT of fun! More than 20 years ago, I stopped collecting oddball Americana (Microfets, Robin...) and...
  2. DrRobert

    Aluminum Gibson LP Cases

    These seem really durable, are they safe for the finish of a 59?
  3. DrRobert

    1973 Les Paul Custom "54" Reissue Questions

    I saw some threads about these guitars and decided to haul mine out. Some good stuff I'd forgotten and some problems: 1. Weights 8#12oz on my shipping scale! 2. Finish is nicely weathered, with buckle wear but intact where it needs to be. 3. Missing a few of parts: waffle back tuners, screws...
  4. DrRobert

    Explorers: Bartlett vs Custom Shop

    I'm interested in getting a slightly more accurate one than I currently have. The Custom Shop is cheaper, Dave says it's quite accurate. The Bartlett is probably more accurate, nicely aged and has better pickups. Any thoughts about which might be closer to the real thing?
  5. DrRobert

    PSA: Memphis 335 "70s LE" for $1800 shipped

    AMS and Zzounds are selling these, discounted to $1999. Zzounds (but not AMS) will happily give you another 10% off, for a total of $1799 shipped. I was skeptical about whether this was a legitimate 335 or one of the lesser "satin finish" kind of things. But I had the chance to play one at Sam...
  6. DrRobert

    NGD: 1962 ES175D with PAFs

    Nice guitar, pretty clean and plays great. Got it at Sam Ash in Lombard, they've treated me very well over the years! Just got the chipboard case, though, might have to find a HSC. Here she is:
  7. DrRobert

    In Praise of Semi-Hollowbodies (Teles and others)

    Earlier this year I got on the very end of the "Fender George Harrison Limited Edition" semi-hollow rosewood train, and I'm super glad I did. There's a midrange to this tele that played gently reminds me of a really good 70s Thinline. Played hard, it goes back to tele land with all the spank and...
  8. DrRobert

    Another Dumble at Carter's

    8th Ave. is now even MORE fun in Nashville: Gruhn's, Carter's and Rumbleseat 1/2 way in between! Anyway, I try to take an afternoon when I have the chance... Gruhn's didn't have anything too special downstairs, and I don't like to ask to go upstairs, too much pressure to play well! Rumbleseat...
  9. DrRobert

    NGD and question: ES330 61, figured with Bigsby

    Picked it up at the CME sale. Great playing guitar, stays in tune, resonates beautifully and it's killer looking. A few tiny dings (floor model) and pick scratches, but nothing I couldn't do myself:hee However, there is no serial number on it anywhere. It has the 5 digit number, and the...
  10. DrRobert

    MF SDOTD 2013 LP Future Tribute $549!

    That's less than the best used prices on Ebay/Reverb folks. If you want an LP, can't afford one and don't want a used Studio that someone has hacked up, this is the deal! You'll have to pull the MinE tuners and slap on a used set of Grovers for an additional cost but otherwise, it's a killer...
  11. DrRobert

    PRS Private Stock Single Cut

    Since the war over the single cut is over, here's one of those vulgar, over-the-top, quilted, double-stained PRS guitar we all hate! Sounds pretty good, too, strong and bright from the 53/10 pickups:
  12. DrRobert

    New Choices for the Deluxe Reverb

    I got a chance to play the new 64 DR HW amp on Wednesday. It sounds like a really good vintage DR (at least in the shop)-sweet and quiet. I really like that they've gone with the bias modulating trem, always felt that sounded better than the LDR roach and it's easier to make quiet (no thump)...
  13. DrRobert

    Bacchus Clapton Explorer

    I've hesitated to post this, because I'm not a huge fan of copy guitars. But it's pretty cools so... Apparently Bacchus made a small number of "cut" Explorer copies, maybe 15, out of Korina with fairly accurate details-long neck tenon, correct pick guard and so on. I had a chance to compare it...
  14. DrRobert

    GE Smith's 1960 LP Custom at Cream City Music

    GE is selling a bunch of his stuff thru CCM. I had a chance to play it unplugged (not really in the market for one right now) but thought it'd be cool to share it here. It's got a nice neck, not beefy like a 59 but not a super thin one either. VERY worn. Black/yellow case, seems original (not a...
  15. DrRobert

    NAD: Brown 310 Bandmaster Ex GE Smith

    GE has sold some of his collection to Cream City Music in Milwaukee. I managed to grab the 310 Bandmaster and the Blond Bassman Head/Cab I've been looking for. Both sound good. This is the first 2 tube tremolo amp I've owned (i've had 5 of the 3 tube tremolo versions) and it IS different-more...
  16. DrRobert

    Burst at Rumbleseat

    I couldn't find a discussion of this, did I miss it or is it a new listing?
  17. DrRobert

    Joe B, Carmelita and Madison, Wisconsin

    Got a chance to hang with Joe for a few minutes before the show, I wish I'd taken video of Kat (9-0853) thru the Twins, because she sounded great. Perhaps not quite as good as Carmelita, though (lots of video from the concert on Youtube-I didn't take any). And while the venue is small, cramped...
  18. DrRobert

    Dallas Roll Call

    Who's going this year? JoeB, do you think you'll be able to make it?
  19. DrRobert

    Music Zoo 1953 Wraptail Les Paul

    It's a pretty looking guitar, but the listing has some weasel words that would worry me: plastic parts old enough to be original, sanded down cavity cover?, frets look too new but they're not going to say it's a refret for sure... And $24,999 might be reaching a bit? Anybody know this guitar...
  20. DrRobert

    Les Paul's L7 Restored

    I don't know if this has been posted before. Really cool guitar, but man, they keep blowing these things out of proportion. Les Paul's L7 was ONE OF the first electrified guitar, not the very first because others had been jamming gramophone needles into arch tops before him...