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  1. steve(UK)

    Pickup ring / surround history

    Ok. I've been hanging out in the world of vintage Gibson guitars since the early 70s. I've owned, traded and - as a tech - worked on many vintage Gibsons between then and now. On the subject of pickup rings I'm obviously aware of the M-69 markings. But beyond that, I've never really studied...
  2. steve(UK)

    Aged pickup surround screws?

    Who sells aged pickup surround mounting screws? Nice realistic ones I'm looking for. Thanks.
  3. steve(UK)

    Moving bridge on a '98 R8 - photos

    Ok, on another thread I said that I was presently moving the bridge forwards on my '98 R8. In case you didn't know, the '98 (how many or what percentage of them I don't know) models suffered from misplaced bridge pickups and in some cases the bridge too. In both cases those parts were too near...
  4. steve(UK)

    It's funny isn't it..

    When you see a photo of Eric, Duane, Paul, Keef, Jeff, Jimmy - and so on - playing a burst back in the late 60s, the age of those guitars was less than many of the Historics that we now own and play! They were around seven to twelve years old, yet you can have an Historic that is 20 years old...
  5. steve(UK)

    Best way to dull lacquer finish?

    I've tried using the finest '0000' grade wire wool and I've tried Scotchbrite* type pads but they all leave a 'micro-scratched' finish that is hardly a convincing aged vintage finish. What's the best way to dull off lacquer in a realistic way that doesn't take 50 years of playing it on a sweaty...
  6. steve(UK)

    TOM mounting studs - thread size/spec?

    What is the specification for the threads of the TOM bridge mounting studs on Historics? Also, does anyone know if, during the manufacturing process, do Gibson tap (thread) the holes for the TOM posts in the maple top, or do they just screw the studs into the drilled holes in the maple, making...
  7. steve(UK)

    Tonepros - don't know their own products..

    Some time ago I bought a Tonepros VTPN-1A. It's a nickel plated aluminium stoptailpiece complete with studs for use on Les Paul Juniors etc. It comes carded and shrink wrapped with that part number on a bar code sticker on the back. All kosher. I did not use the unit at the time of purchase...
  8. steve(UK)

    Who is making vintage accurate repro tailpieces?

    Having had a Pigtail (it went blackish) and an RS Guitarworks (ok, but not really accurate enough) who else is currently making an accurate, lightweight tailpiece? Who are the contenders? Thanks.
  9. steve(UK)

    'Blank' repro scratchplate?

    My '98 '58 never did have the pickups in the correct position, it's a know fault for that year on quite a few of the guitars produced. Anyway, that's the reason I want to buy a nice, 'accurate' repro plate but manufactured 'to order' so that I send them a template and they make the pup cutouts...
  10. steve(UK)

    '98 flame top pics

    The flame tops from '98 are characterised by a particular butterscotch colour, peculiar to that year. Lets see yours. Here's mine.
  11. steve(UK)

    UV lamp to craze lacquer

    Has anyone used a UV lamp to craze (crack) the lacquer on an Historic? Mine is a '98 '58 Standard and - especially being in England where the temperature and humidity seem to be pretty guitar friendly, there's no sign of cracking despite the guitar being 14 years old and always kept on a stand...
  12. steve(UK)

    Gaps between 3 p/u LP Customs' pickups

    Hmm. Have been thinking about adding a middle pickup to my '92 pre-historic LP Custom, Frampton style. I did it back in the 70s with an early 70s Custom that I had. Long gone though, that one! But just for the record, true, original, 3-pickup Customs' pickups are placed right next to each...
  13. steve(UK)

    Best repro tailpiece

    I've previously bought tailpieces by Pigtail (went 'black' when ageing) and RS guitar works (not really accurate enough), who currently makes the most accurate repro tailpiece for a burst? I can age it myself if needed. Thanks.
  14. steve(UK)

    Dowel to plug bridge post holes?

    My 98 R8 (along with others - hence the well documented 98 scratchplate gap problem) has the bridge fitted too far back and I need to move it forwards. The tuneomatic runs out of adjustment. Does anyone know of a source of (preferably maple) dowel in the correct(ish) diameter, or a bit...
  15. steve(UK)

    Aging '6 in a row' tips on LP DC Junior

    I want to age the tuning tips on my Historic LP DC Junior. They are the Kluson 'six in a row' ones and are bloody bright white like the teeth in a toothpaste ad. Obviously in terms of dyes there is turmeric (haldi), tea, and WHY. But never having tried these substances for THIS job on THIS type...
  16. steve(UK)

    Change over date for knurled switch ring

    Does anyone know when Gibson changed from the coarse style knurled switch mounting ring to the finer one? Slightly off topic (apologies moderators) but I've just got an Historic SG Special and I want to know which one would be vintage accurate. How late were the coarse ones used on Gibsons in...
  17. steve(UK)

    LP DC junior tortoise shell material photos

    I'm trying to locate authentic 'tortoise shell' material as what was used on LP DC junior models. Has anyone got some nice clear photos of such scratchplates please? Did the material have a makers name at all? And finally, what is the exact thickness of the material, preferably in...
  18. steve(UK)

    Most accurate selector surrounds

    Hmm. I've had a DMC selector surround that is sorta rough cut around the edges but does look 'old'. Now I've just had a Fatboy surround that is polished to a smooth radius at the edge. What gives? what are real ones on vintage guitars mainly like? are they rough cut? what are they like? who...
  19. steve(UK)

    Low cost pickup surrounds

    I'm looking for some low price full height (vintage style/size) pu surrounds in cream. 'Non-aged' style is fine. Who do you reckon is the cheapest? It's only for my Epi LP. Yes I know they don't fit, I'll sort it out. :) I also need some similar ones but flat bottomed in black for an Epi Explorer.
  20. steve(UK)

    A tip about tips

    I found these switch tips on Ebay. Although they are a cheap import part (£1.20!) they are excellent value if you want an aged tip on a budget. They are drilled with an 'Epi size' hole, but unthreaded, so you can drill and tap to suit either Gibson or Epi style switched. They are not...