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    Throbak KZ115

    Hiya chaps, There seem to be plenty of threads around championing the SLE101s (?), but can't find a thing regarding the KZ115. I've listened to a couple of youtube clips - one not so good, one outstanding, which goes to show you CAN make a sows ear from a silk purse. Reason I'm interested in...
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    NGD: LPR7 Darkback.

    Meet 'Shirley'. Born on January 25th, weighing... well, I haven't weighed her yet, but guessing 8 and a halfish pounds - feels slightly heavier than my R9 (8lb 1oz), but lighter than my Tokai (8lb 11oz). Apologies for the picture quality - it's my eyes, not the gear. 1st image is with...
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    Allman/Betts on Jonesy's Jukebox...

    Saw this and thought of you guys. Steve Jones - yes, THAT Steve Jones - interviewing as per title on his radio show... I wasn't aware of his show, been a huge fan of Jonesy since the 70s. Pleasantly surprised that he hasn't turned out like that d***head Lydon. Some great interviews on the...
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    A Pair of Yamaha SGs

    Two old friends from the 80s - The green one is an '82 SG2000S, the CSB is an '84 SG1000S.
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    Help a 'blind' guy out.

    Hiya I've mentioned previously that I'm sight impaired... I'm interested in a Fender Jaguar that's been discounted, because of "cracks in the neck pocket". This is at a music chain store in the UK. I sent an email asking if it was finish cracking or cracking in the wood. Their reply included a...
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    Soldering Station recommendations

    Morning chaps n chapesses. I've been getting by for decades using cheapish soldering irons. I'm looking to get a soldering station. Looking to spend no more than £200. The Hakko FX888D is the favourite to get the job. Anyone got any experience with this product? Cheers.
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    Gary Moore 'Stripe'

    Did Gibson ever do a Collectors Choice replica of Gary Moore's favourite Burst?
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    NGD: LPR9 60th Annie Factory 'Burst

    Had a moment of madness, yesterday... and this arrived about three hours ago. Late 2019 60th Anniversary R9 in Factory 'Burst. Sorry, I'm in shock at the moment. I'll be more chatty later.
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    Darkburst. Describe it for me, please.

    Hiya. I've been severely sight impaired for the last nine years. Long story short, I don't see subtle woodgrains anymore, colour differences can be tricky. For example, I own a Tokai which is described as dark cherryburst. In isolation, to me, it looks like tobacco burst, but when placed next to...