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    Les Paul R0 fretboard

    I think you should reread what I wrote, rather than write nonsense comments. I asked if high quality fretboards should usually be darker than this one
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    Les Paul R0 fretboard

    I am looking for a 1960 custom shop les paul. I tried one with which I have a particular feel, but the fretboard leaves me perplexed: I do not doubt the fact that it is original, it is a new guitar from an official shop, but the fretboard in rosewood should’t be as dark as possible?
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    Does Ron Ellis wear the PAFs crown?

    I've never approached the world of boutique pickups before, but since I discovered there are hundreds of them, I have been thinking about it: "What if I could upgrade my R0? Why not?" I tried to read as much as possible on the internet, there are so many boutique PAFs loved by guitarists all...
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    Boutique PAF war: Holmes - Throbak - Ox4

    Hi guys, I've been playing guitar for the last 10 years and I own a Custom Shop R0 since two years. I play mostly blues and jazz, I love warm and full tones. I mainly play with a slight overdrive on that colors my sound, making it more "alive". However, all my favorite bands are strong with...