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  1. Z

    Guy who was doing a conversion on a old LP thread?

    There was a guy who bought a spray painted LP that had p90s. He stripped it and it had a nice flame top. I can’t seem to find that thread. Was that on this forum? Thanks.
  2. Z

    LP Classic Lays guitar shop work.

    So, I recently sent my 1999 LP Classic to Lays for the second time since I got the guitar in 2000. First time I had the booger green inlays changed to pearloid and had the guitar aged a bit. While it was there for that work, they called and asked if I wanted to make the headstock say “model”...
  3. Z

    Schaller Les Paul headstock overlay.

    I’d asked about this first Les Paul in this pic on another forum because the Gibson logo looked thin and I was wondering if it was authentic. I was told Schaller did the overlays at one point and this is one of them. Anyone know what year Schaller did the headstock overlays on Les Pauls?
  4. Z

    Are 1/2” pup rings really 1/2”?

    Solved. Dead post. Solved. Please delete.
  5. Z

    Shipping a Les Paul advice.

    So, I’m going to be shipping a Les Paul from Massachusetts to Lays Guitar shop in Ohio. I have two boxes. As you can see, the Gibson box is taller and wider. The plain box is made of a lighter cardboard and has a corner seam that I could tape up. The smaller box will probably cost less (not...