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    Have any of you historic reissue players been caught in the rain when playing?

    I ask this as I play locally in a band and this is our rainy season, yet we are being booked for out door work. :##:hmm While obviously, we would not start playing if it were raining and we had no over head protection, still I have been caught in rain when we were playing and it started raining...
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    What is the small stone imbedded in the toggle backplate on the 60th Anny R9's?

    I had noticed that the backplate metal cover on the 60th Anny R9's has a small stone imbedded in the cover. Am I stretching it to think it is a diamond? Just curious. I wouldn't remove it and use it for an engagement ring. ;)
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    Gibson CS Modern Double Cut Custom inbound

    I have my CS LP's and a RI '63 335 currently. I was looking at an SG, but my past experience with an original '61 SG LP Standard with a rubber neck and the new ones, which I have tried also have a wobbly neck, so I decided to try a Modern Doublecut, which is currently on it's way to me. Anyone...
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    NGD incoming

    I just bought this R9 yesterday. The dealer I used gave me the very best service I have received from any place! I picked through a LOT of reissue LP's on line and he spent the time going over each one to find the qualities I was looking for. He even went back the next day with a guitar I was...
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    Have you seen this one?

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    Have you seen this one?

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    Henry has his troubles

    This is what happens when you run a company as a single ruler, similar to what happens when a country is run under one person's idea of how it should be done. Everything may start out rosey, but when ego and power are allowed to run amuck...
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    New use for a Les Paul Studio

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXmQOShrKeY&feature=player_embedded That's new way to relic a LP, and find different music to be played on a guitar all at the same time!
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    Happy Birthday...

    Keith Richards...66 today. May you still be playing for at least another 66 years and thank you for so much great music!
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    so many people with great things to say about Henry and Gibson

    Thought everyone might find this interesting reading from former employees, since most here already know what type of person Henry really is. :lol Henry belongs in Washington...along with the rest of the assholes already there. http://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Gibson-Guitar-Reviews-E6869.htm
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    CS 356 with 50 neck profile

    ...is at Dave's Guitar Shop. Nice looking piece~
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    Winered..are you reading this?

    Jmart. If you happen to read this post, my email account failed by Gmail. Get me at stephenrudnick@Yahoo.com Thanks.
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    ZZ Top and a custom Shop GT

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOiBtdZNZMs&feature=related Check out the top dishing on this piece. Lot's of close-ups of the guitar. Enjoy. :salude
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    Cannot find a CS-336/356 on Gibson's site

    I just went to the Gibson site to check out whether they have finished updating it. Just out of curiosity, I looked for the CS-336/356 series and could not find it listed. Does anyone know if that series has been discontinued? Thank you. Stephen
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    Would like opinion from forum members, please.

    This may be the last trade I might be able to do for awhile, so I was wondering if anyone here thinks it may be a worthwhile trade. I am not thinking of the cash value of the trade, but rather, would I be ahead by getting the Historic '63 as it being a better guitar to replace the two I have...
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    Who has owned a 336/356 and traded it for

    I was wondering who here has owned either a CS-336 or CS-356 and traded it for an ES-335? Remember that the CS 336/356 is solid wood and the ES-335 is of course, lammed. Thank you.
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    Are the bodies of nashville-built Historic 335's...

    built in Memphis and then shipped to Nashville for full assembly with the necks, or is the entire Historic Es-335 guitar built in Nashville? Thank you.
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    Who here plays a Historic '63 block neck ES-335?

    I am contemplating getting a Historic ES-335 '63 blockneck and would like the opinions of those who have tried them and either liked them, bought them, or decided on a different guitar or model. Thank you. Stephen
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    Do certain ES-335's have a poplar center block?

    I have been reading on here that certain people feel that some of the ES-335's are now being built with a poplar center block, while others are built with the maple center block. Where did this theory come from and is it indeed true? Thank you.
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    Has anyone tried or bought an ES-359?

    Well, has anyone? $3,009.00