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    Anyone knows a doctor specializing in wrist traumas in London area?

    I have computer-induced wrist trauma which also affects my guitar playing. Does anyone know a great doctor who specializes in tratment of wrist traumas in the London area?
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    Guitar set up in London

    Could you guys please recommend me a great luthier/guitar technician for an excellent personalized guitar set up around London (preferably, southern area), whom you trust and who also wouldn't mind answering some questions/explaining some things about the guitar in depth?
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    2017 Reissue question

    I've played several 2017 Custom Shop Les Paul Reissues side by side with 2016 Historics in several different shops recently, and one thing I noticed was - to my not much experienced ears/mind - 2017s were probably quieter or less powerful than 2016s when unplugged, and when plugged in, they...
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    Buying a guitar from World Guitars in UK

    I'm thinking of bying a guitar from World Guitars in Stonehouse online (it's quite far from where I live). However, maybe someone on this forum lives close to the location and wouldn't mind popping into the shop to check out a couple of guitars and comment on them so I could make a more informed...
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    Buying Tokai in the UK?

    Where can I buy MIJ Tokai in the UK, preferrably ones made for the Japanese market (ie with no alterations in design)?
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    Is it worth buying a Historic Reissue online?

    Given that each Historic Reissue is unique in terms of sound, neck thickness and overall feel, and that they aren't inexpensive guitars, do people actually buy Historic Reissue online? What are the results, in terms of expectations being met? Mostly talking about buying new from online stores.