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  1. J

    Throbak Koss-301

    Any users? I have a set on order for a 1980 Tokai LS-80. I have Throbak PG-102 and ER Custom sets and love both of them. The LS-80 currently has OX4 Low Winds with Throbak UOA5 magnets and Throbak covers. I always felt there was a level of complexity that’s missing compared to my Throbaks, so...
  2. J

    Throbak ER Custom

    Any ER Custom users? I have a set on order for my ‘81 Tokai ES100. From the website, these seemed to fit the bill. The guitar is pretty bright and snappy and I’ve been shopping for a pickup that would fatten up the tone a bit and balance out some of the natural highs. Currently has the stock...