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  1. J

    Throbak KZ115

    I wasn’t out to cop Koss’ tone. I was just looking for a set of A2 pickups and decided on the Koss Set over Jon’s other A2 offerings. If anything, I was shooting for Clapton Fresh Cream tones.
  2. J

    Throbak KZ115

    The Koss set are fantastic. Haven’t tried the KZs. The Koss set are A2 with a higher output neck pickup. Neck is still clear and bell like and the bridge can push an amp and really bark
  3. J

    Hey Pedal Geeks!

    The Timmy can get pretty gritty with the drive turned up. It’s claim to fame is it’s ability to be a transparent boost, but I preferred it for its grit as an overdrive.
  4. J

    Murphy Lab Les Paul 60s review - bright, custom buckers

    The RS Superpots are a custom taper that leans toward audio. I believe they are a 40% taper, versus 30% of Mojotone or “vintage taper” CTS like Creamtone. VIPots are a 10% taper. I believe DiMarzios are also 10%.
  5. J

    a Tonebender is a thing of beauty .....

    Still searching for that article…found references to it on the DAM Forum in the massive Page Fuzz thread. Page states that a friend made him a custom fuzz. The article then provides Gary Hurst’s info for purchase. There is also this interview where Page states that Gary Hurst modified his Tone...
  6. J

    a Tonebender is a thing of beauty .....

    I’ve never heard Page mention Mayer, except when referring to the fuzz box Mayer made him during his session days. Do you have definitive proof that Mayer modified Page’s wah and Tone Bender? Mayer made Page his fuzz in ‘64, possibly ‘65, when Page’s session work was at a peak. What do you...
  7. J

    Throbak Koss-301

    The Koss set are in a 1980 Tokai LS-80. VIPOTS and vintage Bumblebees. Don’t know the exact weight. Probably around 9lbs. with a fat ‘58 style neck. Guitar has a fat and deep voice. The guitar came to me with Burstbucker 1/2. Neck was really clear in the guitar and bridge had a ton of snarl. A...
  8. J

    a Tonebender is a thing of beauty .....

    I believe Page was either misquoted or mistaken. There was an interview back in the 60s, where Page credits Mayer for making him a new fuzz box, called the Tone Bender. I believe he meant to say Gary Hurst, who did some custom work for Page. I believe Page got one of the first few MKIIs made, as...
  9. J

    Throbak Koss-301

    That vid sealed the deal when I was thinking of pulling the trigger.
  10. J

    a Tonebender is a thing of beauty .....

    He said that once he revealed his use of a Supro on ZI, he could no longer find them for a decent price.
  11. J

    a Tonebender is a thing of beauty .....

    The Roger Mayer fuzz was based off the Maestro Fuzz, but had a separate enclosure for the footswitch. It was used during his session days. Long John Baldry also had a similar model. I don’t believe his wahs or Tone Benders were anything but stock. He did use a variety of Tone Benders. MKI...
  12. J

    The Creation: Eddie Phillips on Guitar

    Pretty sure he used a AC30. Don’t know about pedals. I saw them back in the 90s on their reunion tour. As to be expected, it didn’t capture an ounce of their glory days. Eddie was using a super Strat with a Zoom multi-effects pedal. Lots of shreddy, extended solos too. Singer did this really...
  13. J

    Pickups to shape the sound

    New wiring/higher value pots will only make the guitar brighter, clearer. Probably won’t have the effect you’re looking for with the midrange.
  14. J

    Pickups to shape the sound

    Faber bridge might help tame some of the midrange. They emphasize the lows and highs more than some other brands. More thump, but more top end sparkle and a bit of a mid-scoop compared to other 50s style Zamac/zinc bridges.
  15. J

    VIP? The Art of Tone? Emerson? Pots.... Or Other????

    On the flip side, I really like VIPots quite a bit. Haven’t tried Emerson or TAOT. VIP and TAOT are the only 10% vintage taper pots I am aware of. Can’t find info on the taper of Emerson. Most “vintage taper” pots are 30%.
  16. J

    Which Alnico type is most midrange dominant?

    Too many generalizations get made about magnet grades. Throbak offers 4 types of A5, not to mention Jon’s A2 has a different eq from other modern A2 formulas. ReWind also offers a variety of A5 and A2 formulations, from warm to bright. Most people will default to the description of A5 as...
  17. J

    What ToneBender model did Jeff Beck use on Truth/Beck-Ola ?

    I believe the transition in production happened with the change in enclosure. Sola Sound used the Olivetti enclosures with the sharper bevels. Marshall production coincided with the rounder edge enclosures like the one Beck is pictured with. Never realized the .01uF cap was missing in the...
  18. J

    Upgrading electrics: advice please

    VIPots are fantastic. Not as robust as CTS though. I’ve had to replace 2 failed pots in the last few years. Love the taper, so I can live with the construction.