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  1. Mr. Papa

    How much of the Firebird tone is the pickups?

    As in, if I put a set of Firebird pickups in an SG or LP, how close would it get to sounding like a Firebird? Or do I need the “full bird” for the magic?
  2. Mr. Papa

    Recommend beginner jazz lesson videos on the Net?

    Any recommendations on good jazz lessons on YouTube or elsewhere? I keep trying (and failing) to learn just some basics, and fun standards that maybe have applications to other styles. I'm thinking Allman-brothers style jazz/blues inflections, to being able to keep up with simple jazz songs. Any...
  3. Mr. Papa

    Speaker to relax the BARK

    Speaker to relax the BARK? Hello good folks, I'm running a Heritage H-150 with Tom Holmes pickups (A4, std wind) into a Dr. Z Z-28 clone I built, into a Celestion Gold speaker, and I love everything about this setup but the very strong, harsh even, upper mid bark. Steely, like the other Z's I...
  4. Mr. Papa

    Best 5E3 these days?

    Hey folks, I'm thinking of picking up a 5E3 clone of some kind, what's good out there these days? Fender has one, I saw a Mojotone on Reverb that had a JCM800 channel that seemed interesting (but the interactive channels are separated, only one volume control), and there are the...
  5. Mr. Papa

    Epiphone Bonamassa 1960 LP Standard

    Has anyone played an Epiphone Bonamassa 1960 LP Standard? Anybody know anything about this guitar, have one yet? https://www.themusiczoo.com/products/epiphone-joe-bonamassa-1960-les-paul-standard-outfit-heritage-cherry-norm-burst Eager to hear a report on weight, tone, finish, how it stacks up...
  6. Mr. Papa

    Vox Bruno 35

    Vox Bruno 35? Hey out there, anybody have any experience with these amps? They look pretty cool but hard to find.
  7. Mr. Papa

    Teenie Hodges tone

    Does anyone know with any credible (preferably first-hand or second) knowledge what guitars and amps Teenie Hodges was using during the early '70s Al Green recordings? Specifically his tone on "Love and Happiness" just gets me. Thanks!
  8. Mr. Papa

    ES-Les Paul

    I tried to search on this but nothing came up. Does anyone have any opinions / experience to share about the ES-Les Paul, the hollow les paul model produced in Memphis?
  9. Mr. Papa

    Hot Vintage ‘63 Jazzmaster

    Hey guys, I can’t afford it, but this is a pretty hot looking ‘63 Jazzmaster for sale in Maine: https://maine.craigslist.org/msg/d/1963-fender-jazzmaster/6411878996.html I know this guy and his shop and can vauch that he is meticulous about everything. Happy hunting.
  10. Mr. Papa

    NGD: ‘92 Studio

    Hey y’all, just picked up an ebony ‘92 Studio, pretty cool guitar but way lighter than my Standard, were they doing weight relief back then or is it just lightweight wood? The pickups are pretty low / Med output 7.8 neck / 7.9 bridge, i’ll guess they are ‘57s unless somebody knows different. All...
  11. Mr. Papa

    490R/498T magnet swap to A4?

    Anybody want to weigh in on the possible outcome of swapping the A2/A5 magnets in a 409R/498T set with A4 mags, or maybe move the A5 from the bridge to the neck and try an A4 in the bridge? Thanks for your thoughts.
  12. Mr. Papa

    Gibson 490R/498T with A4s

    Anyone care to hazard a guess as to how this Gibson pickup set would sound with an A4 magnet swap?
  13. Mr. Papa

    Made in America Week

    Just curious, does anyone know the story about how Gibson guitars got to be featured at the White House during Made In America week? Did the WH contact Gibson or vice versa? Thanks, would love to know any facts and details!
  14. Mr. Papa

    Vox AC15C2 2x Greenbacks

    Well I have to say, things worked out pretty good for me on this trade I made yesterday to pick up a Vox AC15 with two Greenbacks in it. I have always wondered what an AC15 would sound like with two speakers instead of one in the cab, and I am happy to say I got the results I expected. Two...
  15. Mr. Papa

    Reverb Pickup Shootout

    Check this out, peoples: https://reverb.com/news/reverbs-ultimate-electric-guitar-pickup-shootout What do you think, is this an accurate representation of different pickup styles? I like the ability to click the buttons on the video and have them compare different tones on the fly.
  16. Mr. Papa

    RS/Fralin New PAF Set - NPD (also ToneMan guitar electronics content)

    Hey all, A quick review of my new set of RS/Fralin New PAF pickups: https://store.rsguitarworks.net/collections/vendors?q=RS%20Guitarworks%2FLindy%20Fralin Some of my general comments will make more sense if you read the "tasting notes" at the bottom, but here's the review: Through a Fender...
  17. Mr. Papa

    Replacement tuning keys for 1988 Les Paul Custom? No Drill!

    Hi, I am looking for a no-drill replacement for the tuning keys on my '88 LPC. There is no screw holding the stock tuners to the headstock, so I would not want to have to drill any new holes for a stabilizing screw or to have to ream the peg hole out. Thanks for your advice!
  18. Mr. Papa

    Replacement bridges (and I thought pickups were confusing...)

    Recommendations on Replacement bridges? (and I thought pickups were confusing...) Any recommendations on a ABR-1 style bridge (and tailpiece, why not...) for use on an '88 LPC? This has a Nashville bridge so it would have to be one of the units that will work OK on those studs. And, GOLD...
  19. Mr. Papa

    Recommend a Phaser

    Are there any devoted phaser users out there who could recommend a good one for use with humbucker guitars? I'm looking at PT-9 Ibanez but maybe there are others better? Preferably Boss / Ibanez size to fit in a BCB pedalboard. Thanks!
  20. Mr. Papa

    active mid-boost in LP?

    Hey folks, I have a Fender mid boost circuit, like used in the Clapton and Buddy Guy models, and I'm thinking about trying it in a LP clone with some vintage output humbuckers. Has anyone tried this and want to encourage / discourage the idea? I'm planning to use it for slide, mostly. Thanks! Nate