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    Gibson Les Paul Classic 1960

    Thanks guys for your replies! Looks like it is a guitar i should have my eyes open on, but I ended up with a new Gibson SG 61 instead:)
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    Gibson Les Paul Classic 1960

    Hi, I'm looking at a 2003 Gibson Les Paul Classic 1960. I have some questions. What type of laquer is it? Is the body chambered? Thanks!
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    2018 LP Traditional new pickups

    Hi, I'm lucky to have one of these fine guitars, but in find that the pickups is a little out of my territory, so i have thought about a set of SD Whole Lottas. They should have a little more output to push my old (reissue Marshalls). Is that a good idea?
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    NGD :-) Les Paul Traditional

    Here's some extra photos. :-)
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    NGD :-) Les Paul Traditional

    2018 model. Here is a pic of my new beauty! Stunning! i am already in love. Honeyburst! :-) Okay no pic...when I am at a computer and not a phone I try again..
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    2018 Slim taper vs 2018 rounded 50ties neck

    Hi:) Has anyone tried out these neck shapes? I can't decide between a 2018 SG Standard or a 2018 LP Traditional. I have quite big hands, and i fear that the Slim Taper is to "small" in my hands. I live pretty far away from a decent guitarstore, thats the reason why i'm asking this question...
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    2013 Les Paul Tradtional VS 2018 SG

    Hi, I'm Stucked between a used 2013 LP Traditional and a 2018 SG Standard. The price is about the same 1400 USD (Converted from Danish kroner). I'm leaning towards the LP becasue of the non-weightrelief and big neck. But i also like the crisp sound of an SG. Ofcourse this has to be my own...
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    2018 Les Paul Traditional

    Hi:-) I've decided to buy the Les Paul T 2018, Any who has experience with this range of guitars? pros/cons?
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    2015 vs 2016 Gibson Les Paul Traditional

    Hi, 2015 Les paul 100 anniversary vs 2016 HP. I'm about to buy a myself a new guitar. Which one of these are the best buy? The 2015 has no weight relief and comes with a fat 50ties neck. Is it right that the 2016 comes with more "exclusive" top? Please let me hear your comments. Thanks.
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    Les Paul Traditional 2015

    Hi, What type of laquer does the Gibson Les Paul Traditional have? Is it nitro? Thanks.