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  1. Bruce R

    Checking Pickup Resistance While In Guitar?

    I am interested in checking the resistance of the pickups in my guitars, without opening it up. I am wondering how accurate it is when simply plugging in a cable and measuring it that way?
  2. Bruce R

    Need Help Finding the LPF 50's LP Guitar Gallery And How To Donate

    Perhaps the problem on my end, but I am not able to find the LPF "Guitar Gallery" (& S/N information) or how to donate to the Forum. I'm sure Ken is still super busy. Are you folks able to find these? If so I would appreciate some help. Thanks up front!
  3. Bruce R

    Les Paul Junior Headstock Veneer?

    Gibson Headstocks - Black Veneer or Painted? I am toying with the idea of building an LP Junior from a kit, and one of the neck options given to me is a black plastic headstock veneer. Is this how Gibson does their headstocks? Or are they painted black?
  4. Bruce R

    Anybody Have Custombucker Squealing Problems?

    Last week I was finally able to rehearse with a '14 RO I bought in May. I had played it through an amp at home many time but never at a band-level volume. A few times I noticed the pickups squealing on me when facing the amp (a 20w Marshall w/4x12 cab). I never, ever have had problems like this...
  5. Bruce R

    '59 Bassman Reissue vs. '59 Bassman LTD - Tone Difference?

    I once owned a 1958 Bassman for many years and have a pretty good idea of what they sound like. One of my brothers has a 90's release '59 Bassman and it sounds surprisingly close, bright and quite clean until you really push it. At about 6 (halfway) it comes to life and when cranked it is a...
  6. Bruce R

    NGD - 2014 R0 Tobacco Burst - Anyone Familiar With This year?

    I found this at a local GC and could not be any happier. Gloss finish in new condition. So clean that I had suspicions that it was even used, but once I saw the case, COA, and hang tags I was satisfied. Believe it or not I have learned to favor the VOS guitars I have seen and owned (my previous...
  7. Bruce R

    Anyone seeing 2015 Cherry Sunburst True Historics fading yet?

    2015 True Historic models saw an attempt at how Gibson's Les Paul models were constructed & finished as they were in the 50's. Since this was the case, I am curious if anyone has seen any of the "Heritage Cherry" sunburst models released since 2015 showing any signs of the red fading out yet...
  8. Bruce R

    What Year Did Gibson Start Using Narrow Tall frets On R7's? Neck Shape?

    I see that recent R7's are now sold with the period-correct narrow, tall frets. Which year did they start this practice? I am really wanting to know the last year Gibson used the med-jumbo frets on R7's. Regarding neck shape. I have played 1956 & 57 Goldtops and the necks are nowhere near as...
  9. Bruce R

    Did Gibson Make An R0 Or G0 Goldtop?

    If memory serves me correct, I once saw a factory R0, or perhaps a G0, Goldtop on the market a while ago. Would this be accurate? I just sold a sweet R8 that I played for years because the neck size became a bit too much for me. I'd love a Goldtop and an R0 or G0 would be ideal, but not quite...
  10. Bruce R

    Differences Between Early Historics and Standard "Classic" Guitars?

    I can see the vast differences between the Custom Shop and the Standard USA Les Pauls in the recent years. However, I recall the Standard Classic and Classic "1960" of the 90's and early 2000 were basically excellent guitars. Can anybody explain the physical differences between the Historic...
  11. Bruce R

    Binding Plastics Question

    I am curious as to the nature of the binding material used on primarily the 50's Gibsons, let's say the Les Paul models in this case, and how they changed over the course of the years. Please correct if/when I'm wrong, but this is my understanding: - Gibson (they) they first used Cellulose on...
  12. Bruce R

    SG Headstock Widths? Anyone Measured Theirs?

    Out of curiosity, has anyone ever measured the width of the headstock, at the widest point at the top, on their 60's SG's? My interest is peaked because they seem to be all over the place. I realize that the LP/SG Specials & Juniors are slightly narrower, like those of the 50's Les Pauls, but...
  13. Bruce R

    Which LP neck is better for arthritic thumb - fat 50's or thinner R0? Old guy content

    I guess I'm pretty much dating myself, but my left hand/thumb is starting to get a bit painful these days when grasping the big ol' neck on my Historic R8 or TV Special. So far the fingers are fine, but my thumb joint is sore & painful to the touch at times when playing. Has anyone else out...
  14. Bruce R

    Any real differences between a USA '61 Reissue SG and Custom Shop SG's?

    I have owned 2 USA '61 SGs in the past and recently played a 2019 USA version at a local shop. This new SG just blew me away! I rarely play a new instrument that I have liked enough to actually buy, but this one was just fantastic. The finish looked vintage (a slight fade), the neck was perfect...
  15. Bruce R

    Difference betweed USA '61 SG and Custom Shop '61 SG?

    I have owned 2 USA '61 SGs in the past and recently played the newest version at a local shop. This new SG just blew me away! I rarely play a new instrument that I have liked enough to actually buy, but this one was just fantastic. The finish looked vintage (a slight fade), the neck was perfect...
  16. Bruce R

    Corrected Gibson Logo Position & Font?

    I am hearing chatter that Gibson has revised the logo location and font to more appropriately match that of the original 50's Les Pauls. To the best of my knowledge I have not seen any kind of side-by-side photograph(s) showing the previous and the updated. Are we talking about the lower logo...
  17. Bruce R

    Difference between Custom Shop Junior and Billie Joe Armstrong series Juniors?

    Considering that the price differential is significant, what are the primary differences between a mid 50's, Leslie West style Custom Shop LP Junior singlecut and a Billie Joe Armstrong Junior with a similar finish? It doesn't appear that this model is still being made, and the Gibson website...
  18. Bruce R

    Gunky Historic Pickup Covers

    I am getting tired of the gunky brownish, greenish "verdigris" on the pickup covers of my '06 VOS R8. Even the cover on my Duncan Antiquity in the bridge position is doing the same thing now. When I first got the R8 in '07 the covers looked great, and the cover of the unused BB 2 bridge pickup...
  19. Bruce R

    My First Les Paul

    Thought I'd throw this out to you all. My first Les Paul, which I was told to be a '54, purchased in L.A. in 1969. While in college I worked at a repair shop called Valley Sound, where my brother, Billy, was the guitar tech. This gave us access to some fine gear and we got to meet some great...
  20. Bruce R

    Clapton's Cream 335

    I found this interesting bit of information by a member on a Cream Facebook page concerning the 335 Eric used during their farewell shows at the RAH in 1968: .."Badge was recorded on Nov. 21 1968, 5 days BEFORE Cream's final Farewell performances at London's Royal Albert Hall which was on...