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  1. Big Al

    Great Univibe!!!!!! NPD

    I love wobbly, woooshy, swirly modulated fx. I have Phasers, Flangers, Choruses and Tremolos. Can't get enough. Sold my 68 Univibe for stoooopid moolah but never found a truly satisfying replacement. I have a few but the lacked that chewy, complex musical lopp sided throb AND that 3D...
  2. Big Al

    Little Feet, big souls, Paul Barrere RIP

    I'm gonna miss him. Big part of my lifes soundtrack. Singing and guitar playing just superb. I know I spelled his name wrong.
  3. Big Al

    Info needed regarding Kalamazoo lefty 79 Deluxe Special Run

    My pal bought a 79 Deluxe, (in route), I was able to nail down a little, but it is an unkown to me regarding history. Here is what I know, maybe someone knows more. I'd appreciate any info. 1979 Les Paul Deluxe, excellent all original condition, unmolested 100% stock. Two piece bookmatched...
  4. Big Al

    Favorite NON PAF type pickups for Les Pauls

    I was wonderin' which pickups you greasy bast ids prefer and use that are not an attempt to dupe the PAF thingy? Myself I really like the Duncan JB and still have a couple Seymour did for me from his very first production run and a few from a little latter in the early 80's. I have an old HI-A...
  5. Big Al

    David Cassidy, RIP

    My sister will be devistated. Met him at Lake Tahoe years ago and talked about Led Zep and Rock guitar. I didn't expect to, but I really liked him. RIP David.
  6. Big Al

    Ain't that a shame RIP Fats Domino

    89 yrs had his first hit the summer I was born. A class act.
  7. Big Al

    Music Man Axis Supersport

    Just spent some time with my custom made Music Man Supersport and had almost forgot what a lovely guitar it was. Mine has a custom Pacific Burst over a deep, deep tight quilt maple that is just spectacular. Tremolo,(not a Floyd), and P90's with the Piezo bridge pickup option. Just a killer...
  8. Big Al

    Appreciating the humble Melody Maker for what it is.

    Been spending some time with my small herd of Bumblebees, (my son's term for my two color, brown/yellow burst Melody Makers), and really enjoying them a lot. I have a few single pickup and Double pickup D models, all of the single cut variety and a newly acquired Epiphone Olympic D single cut...
  9. Big Al

    Anyone experienced with Epiphone pacers?

    Hey, I'm getting an early 60's, I think, Epiphone PACEMAKER amp in blue, in a recent guitar deal. Am I right in assuming it is the same as the Les Paul Jr GA5 amp? How close is it to a Tweed Champ? Anyone have one?
  10. Big Al

    Ooops I did it again!

    Yep, I can't seem to help myself. I just scored another single cut double pickup Melody Maker. This one is an Epiphone Olympic, pretty clean, 100% original with case, cord, hang tag and…. wait for it,…. ORIGINAL EPIPHONE PACEMAKER AMPLIFIER! I am very moist and can't wait for it to ship. This...
  11. Big Al

    Jeepers! Amp go boom!

    I am having a hard time lately. Just got to the point that I can use my arm in a very limited way and thought , while no one was home, I'd fire up some gear and make some noise. I did, but not in the manner i expected. I am on disability and medical costs have cut down on my gear budget...
  12. Big Al

    F*&^n' Vintage dealers (some) are liars and crooks.

    I love me some Singlecut Melody Makers. Forum Bros that have known me for a long time, like Steve Craw, can tell you I have been digging' on those little tone monsters for ever! I am very knowledgeable on them. I've had so many and every variation at one time or another. I bought them in the...
  13. Big Al

    THIS IS MAKING ME CRAZY!!!!!!! Sensless rant warning.

    Since when was is decided that when demoing an amplifier all knobs are at noon??? There isn't a universal tone, or "Flat Tone" or even a similar tone when all the knobs are straight up. WTF!!:bigal:bigal It makes me nuts. I have never played an amp on stage, in the studio, at a festival or in...
  14. Big Al

    Incoming one owner 61 single cut Melody Maker MINT!!!!

    Shamed by our own TM1 who beat me to a sweet 61 single cut Epiphone Olympic I resumed my search for another Singlecut and found a recent listing for a near mint, beautiful all 100% original 1961 Singlecut Melody Maker with original alligator case and original bill of sale. I made a great deal...
  15. Big Al


    Well I've had all my pre op done and am going into the Hospital tomorrow for a total shoulder replacement. The Surgeon explained the procedure and showed how the metal apparatus in my arm will be cut down and the new upper part attached. This means my whole left humerus bone will now be steel...
  16. Big Al

    I miss Pat Boyack he OK?

    Miss my brother from another mother. Any news?:dang
  17. Big Al


    Some of you know of my love for the old industrial PA mono tube amps. I live in Rochester, NY home of the old powerhouse Stromberg Carlson Co. I like to grab these and have found a few favorite models, my all time favorite being the Industrial Two Tone Green AU-58B. This heavy duty massive iron...
  18. Big Al

    My Buddy Bob's Amazing 2014 Lefty Made To Measure R8!

    I have been wanting to post a picture of my pal Bob's Bodacious R8 and only seem to be able to get the little image to show. I think if you click on it it will appear larger. This was snagged from the HOG and I picked the top for Curt. The color is the warmest Sunburst I have seen and the guitar...
  19. Big Al

    Finishing E.I.Rosewood

    I have a project something I've always wanted. A G Harrison Rosewood Tele. The wood work is about done but I'm wondering about the finish. The wood is just beautiful and is feeling pretty sexy sanded out. I am thinking I do not want a gloss lacquer finish but rather a hand applied satin finish...
  20. Big Al

    White House Les Paul

    Cool to see Captain Fingers playing a vivid Cherry Burst Standard at the White House celebration of International Jazz Music Day! I am not sure if a lester has been seen there before. Allman Bros/ Jimmy Carter?