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  1. Bruce R

    Clapton on a Special

    Good catch! In those days spare parts were hard to come by. Case in point is the black pickguard Beck had on that first Les Paul he used with the Yardbirds.
  2. Bruce R

    Clapton on a Special

    Holy cow... I have never seen a guitarist hold his instrument so high!
  3. Bruce R

    Clapton on a Special

    This reminds me of a b & w photo I saw of Mark Knopfler, taken around 1976, onstage playing a guitar identical to this one. Considering there just weren't all that many of these floating around the UK at that time I really wonder if it was the same guitar? Sure looks like Van Morrison singing...
  4. Bruce R

    Question About 1968 Les Paul gold top Pickups

    Barry Bailey, the amazing guitarist with the original Atlanta Rhythm Section, got unbelievable tone with his LP Deluxe Goldtop. Check his work with them out...
  5. Bruce R

    Great article on the Beano Burst!

    Enlist the TV show "History Detectives?"
  6. Bruce R

    An Interesting Picture

    Why were the serial numbers of those beautiful Goldtops not indicated?
  7. Bruce R

    Corrected Gibson Logo Position & Font?

    And Steve, your Goldtop is beautiful!!
  8. Bruce R

    Corrected Gibson Logo Position & Font?

    Just for kicks I pulled up some headstock photos of two very early '57 Goldtops that happen to have black plastics and the third is the last documented '57 Goldtop. Yes, low logo. Below is one of the first 58's and it is a little higher.
  9. Bruce R

    Corrected Gibson Logo Position & Font?

    Steve. I assume the model you have is a Goldtop? Yeah, that would be the correct position if it is. Those are the smallest frets I have ever seen!
  10. Bruce R

    Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac. Stockholm 1970.

    I have heard recordings of one of those shows and his tone is definitely not what it normally was. He got that amazing, overdriven power tube Marshall gain, reminiscent of the earlier Mayall period before he found his own voice. Mac must've shared the backline that night with the other bands...
  11. Bruce R

    1957 TV Yellow Les Paul Custom - Limited Run of 60

    Beautiful Custom!! The TV finish works so well with the black plastics and the gold hardware. Wow.
  12. Bruce R

    FINALLY NGD 60th Anniv R0 M2M The Birthday Burst..!!

    I am seeing folks talking about R8's with an R9 neck? I thought the only difference between the two is the size of the neck? There was a time when R8's had a plain top and R9's figured tops, but then they started releasing R8's with figured tops. Can someone help me out!
  13. Bruce R

    Eelco Gelling's 1960 burst in for new strings and fine tuning

    Those are some beefy looking pickup ring screws!! Those pickups aren't going anywhere, that's for sure!
  14. Bruce R

    Claptons Lost Burst.

    He found one a long time ago. This 1960 LP has been with him off & on from around 1984. It is distinguishable by the dark streak of grain just above the upper tone knob.
  15. Bruce R

    Koss soundalike

    Which vibrato... early Koss or late Koss? Dramatically different, but most folks know his vibrato from the Andy Fraser era. Buckton does them both as good or better than anyone else I've heard. And yes, Juniorhack, most guitarists playing Koss use entirely too much gain. I figure that's because...
  16. Bruce R

    Koss soundalike

    Yes, I am sure Terry sang that song many times while playing with Paul in Back Street Crawler. Terry & John's band, "Kossoff - The Band Plays On" have many more songs posted on YouTube. That's how I discovered them. Check them out.
  17. Bruce R

    Claptons Lost Burst.

    I went through the same attempt at getting a copy of Guitarist last summer when I got wind of the article on Kossoff's "Isle Of Wight" stripped-top Les Paul. The only place in town stopped carrying it right after the Peter Green issue was released. I waited weeks for the next issue only to be...
  18. Bruce R

    Checking Pickup Resistance While In Guitar?

    Thank you, gentlemen, I really appreciate it. That is very useful information.