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  1. Johnny Q

    57 Classic Neck???

    Anyone notice that some of the bigger online vendors are advertising a 57 Classic "neck" position? Check Musicians Freind and American Music Supply as examples. Since forever, there has been no specific bridge and neck pickup...I wonder if this is just a typo? And to add to the confusion, I...
  2. Johnny Q

    Why is my R9 the LEAST loud of all my guitars?

    I know this seems like an amatuerish question, but it really has me perplexed. My 1999 R9 is my best sounding guitar, but since I started bringing multiple guitars to gigs, it's become increasingly clear that all of my guitars, Vintage Strats, Charvels, PRS etc are way louder than the R9...
  3. Johnny Q

    Anyone use Motor City "Detroiters?"

    I have a set on the way for a light and flutey sounding R9 - curious if anyone has used them and can provide a tone report. JQ
  4. Johnny Q

    57 Classic and 57 Classic plus sound differences

    Hi Everyone: I was hoping someone that has A/B'd the regular 57 classics against the 57 Classic "Plus" can give me an idea of the tone differences. I am a big fan of the regular 57 classic and wondered how a 57 "plus" would sound in the bridge. In particular for a light and flutey sounding...
  5. Johnny Q

    Fralin 9K/8K or Suhr Aldrich set for LP Custom?

    Help me out forum Bro's! For classic rock (Zep, early VH) and classic metal (early Priest, Maiden, etc) would you install the Fralin 9K/8K or the Aldrich set in a late 80's, bright sounding LP Custom? JQ
  6. Johnny Q

    Any Love for the SD Alnico pro II neck??

    I am giving this one a shot in the neck slot of my 1988-ish Les Paul Custom, which is a real bright guitar. Just curious if anyone else has experience with these pickups in brighter toned guitars?? I also plan at the same time to restore the electronics back to the stock values which means...
  7. Johnny Q

    Lowering Pot Values to tame brightness - question

    Hello All: I have been hearing so many great things about the Duncan JB with 250k pots, I have decided to try this in one of my LP's. Is changing only the bridge volume pot value sufficient (250k vol/500k tone), or does it absolutely have to be both the bridge volume and tone pot thats...
  8. Johnny Q

    1988-89 LP Custom - What pot values were stock?

    Hello All: After 18 years of pickup swaps and electronic modificatons, I broke out some equally old recordings of this guitar and came to the realization that it sounded much better in its stock form. Better in this case can be defined as much fatter with a bigger/tighter low end...
  9. Johnny Q

    500K pot Tolerance - how much +/- is audible?

    Hello All: My R9's 2 volumes measure in the high 490's and my 2 tones measure in the 430's. The guy that works on my guitars laughed at me when I asked if the low measurements of the tone pots could be audibly detected if a/b'd against a pot closer to 500k, it was an emphatic "no" in his mind...
  10. Johnny Q

    Are unbalanced humbucker's supposed to HUM

    Are unbalanced humbucker's supposed to HUM? I have a few guitars that have "humming" humbuckers, not as bad as a single coil, but noticeable. Today it dawned on me that all of these are unbalanced hand wound boutique buckers - is this normal???? JQ
  11. Johnny Q

    Question on CTS part number

    Hoping someone is familiar w/ CTS part #'s, I have what is supposed to be a 500K short shaft pot, but the part # is completely different from the other short shaft CTS 500K's I have: 450S2771 0618 CTS Can anyone verify this is a 500k? All other CTS 500k short shaft pots I have say "500"...
  12. Johnny Q

    Mallory 150's

    Guys I wanna try these out - can someone let me know which "voltage" is preferable for a guitar circuit?? I have seen 250v, 630v and 400V, not sure if one is preferable or if there is any diff in performance. Also - is there a certain tolerance to look for?? Finally - where's the best place...
  13. Johnny Q

    Had 50's wiring for years - didnt know it!

    I am one of those "shut up and play your guitar" types, I never do any of my own electronic work, wouldnt know what I was looking at anyway. I have a Les Paul custom, and for years I just loved the way the volume rolled off and naturally preserved the highs. I always assumed there was a bright...
  14. Johnny Q

    WTF?? My 1999 R9 has 300K Pots??

    Hello All: :bigal Can someone confirm for me that this is true?? I have a 1999 R9, the pots have the Gibson logo on them. If thats true...... How much percieved brightness will upgrading to 500k's cause?? I like the sound of the guitar as is, but I always thought it sounded a bit...
  15. Johnny Q

    TimBuckers - Believe the Hype....

    Thanks to a generous fellow LPF member (you know who you are!!) I was able to score me a set of the universally loved Tim's. This set is 7.7 neck/8.4 bridge, I guess this is the Ed A wind?? Anyways, I have to confess, I knew these were going to be good, but I fully expected them to not come...
  16. Johnny Q

    Wolfetone Marshallheads - talk to me!

    Folks: G.A.S has struck again and I am 99% sure I am going to be splurging for a set of these in the near future for my 1999 R9, which currently has a set of Voodoo 59's. I have read the commentary on the forum thus far, and all reviews are favorable. Can anyone speak in more detail regarding...
  17. Johnny Q

    .00047 value as "bright cap"

    All: Right off the bat let me admit that I know very little about cap values! With that said, I am installing new p'ups and electronics in a guitar with a Hum/SING/Hum configuration. 500k Pots, 022 Hoveland Musicap and a little tiny cap that says .00047. My question is the value of the...
  18. Johnny Q

    Germino Amps for higher gain style??

    Hello All: I would like to hear some feedback from anyone who owns one of Greg's amps, in particular the Lead 55, LoVo 55 or Headroom 100. I realize these amps are based off the old Plexi design and are not high gain amps, but I am curious how well they handle themselves when pushed into say...
  19. Johnny Q

    Voodoo 59's + RS Relic Kit??

    My 99 R9 is currently in the shop. Voodoo 59's in the recommended config (7.9 a3 neck and 8.1 a5 bridge) are being installed, replacing the 57 Classics. Along with the Voodoos, I am having the RS Relic Premium kit installed at the same time. I was hoping to hear from others who installed the...
  20. Johnny Q

    Daves Sound Repair - Whippany, N.J.

    I live in the Northern, NJ area. I am looking for someone new to service my guitars and amps. I would appreciate any feedback regarding Daves Sound repair. Thanks!!!! JQ