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  1. buyusfear

    Historic LP JR DC pickup height

    Sorry. Some of you guys mistook my post for opinion. I’ll try be more clear. This overly shallow neck angle is wrong. Chalking it up to “vintage” doesn’t fly. Poorly assembled. Likely due to being poorly sanded/over sanded at final fitting or more likely, some extra glue built up under the...
  2. buyusfear

    Historic LP JR DC pickup height

    In short, this is poor build quality control. You could re-fret with larger fretwire, that may buy you a bit of clearance. You could try modify the dogear, sanding the base which would require a new pickup (soapbar style) or clipping the ear mounts, and re-mounting the pup inside the cavity...
  3. buyusfear

    How were factory installed Bigsby units grounded?

    I researched this quite extensively after a recent Bigsby build with no tailpiece studs, and found this method on any Bigsby equipped guitar, as well as on 335's. I have also seen on a darkback goldtop where the ground was more akin to how they did it on trapeze's. It's why if you see PAF's...
  4. buyusfear

    How were factory installed Bigsby units grounded?

    I don’t think they were. The ground came off of the ABR treble post. Found a Pic here.
  5. buyusfear

    Seriously considering taking the plunge on this ‘56 Jr

    Two piece body! My ‘56 Jr is also a two piece. I think this one is pretty cool. Hard to fake wear like that. I’ve tried.
  6. buyusfear

    Kluson 3x3 strip tuner bushing/grommet differences (Jr vs Specials)

    I've been trying to find an answer to this and can't. Does anyone know why the Kluson 3x3 strip tuners came with, what I'll call simpler/cheaper stamped ferrule/bushings on singlecut and double cut Junior models; but, on Specials they had the fancier cast ferrules/bushings? They both have...
  7. buyusfear

    Help with LP Special bridge pup location measurements.

    Could anyone be so kind and help me out with the measurement of the bridge pickup Location on a vintage LP Special, and how far away from the fingerboard it is? Or how far away it is from the neck pickup? I’m scratching my head here comparing a ‘56 Junior Pup distance, and a ‘59 DC Jr pup...
  8. buyusfear

    Trapeze Goldtop refin thread and undoing a partial conversion back to trapeze (PICS)

    Who's up for watching me try and bring this guitar back to its former glory? My buddy inherited this from his uncle, who had purchased it back in the 80's possibly? We don't know, maybe early 90's late 70's, semantics. The deal from the then seller was, "Why don't you invest in this old Les...
  9. buyusfear

    ‘54 wraptail ground wire question

    Do you guys know if the ground wire on wraptail goldtop’s came off the treble stud into the bridge pickup cavity and then was fed down through the wiring channel, or if it was ever drilled from the stud directly into the wiring channel? I know on juniors with wraptails this can be either way...
  10. buyusfear

    NGD! 1955 Gibson SJ (PICS) Ridden hard, put away wet.

    I wasn't planning on buying a guitar, let alone this one; but the unexpected ones are the best aren't they? Purchased originally in '55 here in Edmonton AB, I would be now the second owner; this '55 cannon of an SJ with mojo for days is sure fun to play on. I'm super happy to have it in my...
  11. buyusfear

    Random '50's Goldtop and JuniorX2 photos

    I have the pleasure of working on the '57 Jr and the '53 goldtop ('56 is mine) and couldn't help but get my camera out and take some pics. Who doesn't like Les Paul pics? My toys, and my daughter's toys.
  12. buyusfear

    Les Paul Specials, jack location; cavity photos request

    Looking for some insight on the location of the output jack on vintage Special's, particularly singlecut specials. Looking at photos online, I tend to find more examples than not where the output jack is slightly lower around the bout, entering the cavity under the bridge Tone pot, compared to...
  13. buyusfear

    1953 Trapeze Les Paul Goldtop gets a MojoAxe tailpiece (PICS PICS PICS)

    I have another goldtop in my care, getting a new lease on life with one of MojoAxe's awesome Goldtop saver Compensated Top-Wrap Trapeze Tailpiece's. This guitar is absolutely stunning, and rings like a a bell. The owner's grandfather was the original owner. This current owner is thankfully a...
  14. buyusfear

    NEW MojoAxe - Wide Lapel Bell & Junior Truss rod covers just in! (PICS PICS PICS)

    I just got these new bell truss rod covers in from MojoAxe and they are pretty killer! The Junior truss-rod cover is something that has been available through MojoAxe before; however, now updated to be even more accurate, with a tighter perimeter conforming to the shape of originals, and tool...
  15. buyusfear

    1954 all gold-gold top - Joey Landreth absolutely making it sing

    Carter Vintage just hosted a bunch of new demo vid's. Joey could pretty much play a rotten 2x4 with a piece of spaghetti for a string on it and still sound good, and this guitar is no exception. :dude: What's even worse IMO is that his song writing and vocals are even better.
  16. buyusfear

    1952 Les Paul Gold top case repair and neck support insert (PICS)

    I've had the privilege of being the custodian of this fine '52 Les Paul for several weeks now. My main task will be replacing an already poorly replaced 1st fret, and matching it to the current worn '52 frets, as well as re-glue down a couple of inlays; however, this thread is all about the...
  17. buyusfear

    Sanford Magnetics P90's (PICS) Killer quality pickups!

    I just got this test batch of P-90's in the mail and i'm pretty excited. I wanted to share some pic's and my thoughts here because these things are blowing me away, and I haven't really seen much talk about them, being that the company is pretty new. I've tried many many P90's, including...
  18. buyusfear

    NVCD (50's LP Junior Alligator chipboard case day) PICS

    I recently picked up this well, well worn 50's Jr alligator chipboard case to compliment my '56 Jr. It's not in the best shape, and missing the Gibson brass badge and handle, but it's nice to have as a complimentary piece at least for photo's. Good excuse for some new photos of the old girl.
  19. buyusfear

    52 Gold Top LP PICS. Converting to Mojoaxe tailpiece

    A friend of mine brought over his '52 Trapeze gold top for me to install and set-up with a MojoAxe tailpiece today. I can't say enough about how awesome old P-90's sound! The neck on this old girl is really nice. Smaller than my '56 Junior, and a '59 DC Jr i've measured. The fact that there's...
  20. buyusfear

    True Historic - Canadian Citizen 9 5063 (PICS) at Edmonton's Stang Guitars

    I've been waiting a long time to check one of these new True Historic's out in person and I finally was able to. A new Edmonton shop, Stang Guitars, got one in and my buddy who owns the place knew I was itching big time to get an in hand inspection, so he gave me a call to come down. I...