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  1. OldStrummer

    Bare Knuckles PAF or Kent Armstrong PUP?

    I'm having a custom guitar made, a single cutaway archtop with one pickup. Think jazz guitar. My choices for pickup are between a Kent Armstrong and a Bare Knuckles PAF. I'm having a hard time deciding. Anyone got experience or feedback on these pups?
  2. OldStrummer

    Working Man's Guitar

    I don't post here much, and I confess to being somewhat confused (and baffled) by the whole "reissue" thing. Does Gibson not make new Les Pauls anymore? It seems there's a lot of "resting on one's laurels," if you catch my drift. Which got me to thinking. I have two LPs; one I got for its...
  3. OldStrummer

    Shoot. I Saw This and Got GAS

    It's a MIJ Hybrid '68 Stratocaster in Sherwood Green Metallic. Sherwood Green is just one of those colors that I lust over. And this one has a maple neck, not the rosewood or pau ferro stuff they're using now due to CITES. Free shipping from Japan, but there are probably tarrifs. Do I want...
  4. OldStrummer

    New KLŌS Electric Guitars and Basses

    Some of you know that I'm a big fan of KLŌS guitars, who started in 2018 as a KickStarter campaign to build the best carbon fiber guitars on the market. I bought in and my KLŌS travel guitar has become one of my favorites! Easy to play, easy to pack, and since it's carbon fiber, virtually...
  5. OldStrummer

    Stratocaster 12-String

    Based on some recent topics here and elsewhere, I spotted my MIJ FSR Stratocaster XII in its stand, looking lonely and forlorn, so I took it into my living room, tuned it up (it was in surprisingly good tune -- for a 12-string -- even after having sat idle for a while) and started to play some...
  6. OldStrummer

    Are Epiphone and Squier the New Innovators?

    Over the past couple of years I've noticed that Gibson's and Fender's "little brother" companies have branched out into their own while the parent companies seem to have gotten stuck in ruts of their own making; the "name" brands seem focused on reissue after reissue, with little or no...
  7. OldStrummer

    I Used To Be A Guitar Snob

    If the headstock didn't say "Gibson" or "Fender," I wanted no part of that guitar. Squier? Epiphone? Surely, you must be kidding. Then, one day I happened upon a guitar that just jumped off the page at me, and at the price, I had to have it. Thus it was that an Ibanez AG95QA joined my stable...
  8. OldStrummer

    I've Got This On My Mind

    Hey folks, it's been a while since I dropped in, but I'm swinging back through my acoustic/jazz/blues phase, and have been loving playing my old, first electric guitar, my 1957 Gibson ES-225. But, because of this stupid Wu Flu, I've been spending a lot of time online, checking out cool stuff...
  9. OldStrummer

    How Do I Sell A Guitar?

    Stupid question, I know. But I've never sold a guitar before. I usually buy things I like and intend to keep. But now I find I have a few guitars that I never take out of their cases, and are simply taking up space. My online transactions have been limited to mostly eBay (buying) and...
  10. OldStrummer

    NGD: It's like déjà vu all over again!

    For years and years, the only two guitars I owned were a German (Framus) acoustic 12-string and a 1957 Gibson ES-225. The Gibby was my electric guitar and it's a dream (I still have it). Never having had a solid-body guitar, I started buying them left and right. Two LPs, two SGs, five Strats...
  11. OldStrummer

    Selector Switch Crackle

    NOT a guitar tech type (I'm in the software business :) ), so rather than self-diagnose, I thought I'd ask here. I recently purchased a 1998 Les Paul Special SL from a working, gigging/recording musician (posted here elsewhere). The guitar is in phenomenal condition for an 18 year-old guitar...
  12. OldStrummer

    NGD (3 of 3)

    Well, here it is, the third guitar I've taken home this week. 2013 Gibson SG Future Tribute in sunburst . Other than the color, it is identical in every respect to NGD #2, which is ebony. Because of that, I will probably keep only one. I had a thought just a short while ago: Most people go...
  13. OldStrummer

    NGD (2 of 3)

    I posted NGD (1 of 3) in the Les Paul area, because that's what it was. However, to keep things on the up-and-up, it's probably best to post this one here. I was going to "stack" my posts, but that may have irked some folks, so here it goes. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce to you, "Dark...
  14. OldStrummer

    NGD (1 of 3)

    It's been said, "pics, or it didn't happen." So, here we go. I'm receiving three new guitars this week. This is #1 - a 1998 Les Paul Special SL (the SL stands for "san laquer" from what I can tell). It's a player's guitar. Has been used in the studio, on stage, and traveling. The selector...
  15. OldStrummer

    Thinking of Getting an SG

    I've been adding guitars to my stable like they were going out of style. Two Strats, Two Teles, Two Les Pauls... The one that I don't have, and that some here and elsewhere have strongly urged, uh suggested to me to get is an SG. Okay, I'm in. There are two I'm looking at very closely...
  16. OldStrummer

    Matrix/Chart/Diagram of the Diffferent LP Models?

    There may be one here, but it's a) not a sticky, as far as I can tell, and b) I'm not sure what to search for in any case. I own just one Les Paul. It's a fine guitar, but there seems to be a lot of conflicting information as well as opinion on the year/model, so I was curious as to how other...
  17. OldStrummer

    A Question About Necks (and other stuff)

    I just got my first Les Paul, and because it's a limited edition with several "features," I'm curious about a few things. First and foremost, I'd like to know about the neck on Les Pauls. Mine is a Slim Taper (.800" - .875") with a 1.695" nut and 2.260" EOB. Is this a standard neck? It's...
  18. OldStrummer

    New Classic Rock II

    I'm not sure if this belongs in this forum, so if not, please move it accordingly. I just purchased a new 2015 LP "Classic Rock II," which is a limited edition LP with a marble-looking top. It features G-Force tuners, a 15db boost toggle where one of the tone pots would be, and Burst Bucker 1...