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    A Nice Piece of Mahogany

    Not a Lester, not a Gibson, not even an electric! Pretty sweet regardless. My new Bourgeois Slope D Banjo Killer. :frank:
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    Control Cavity Grounding Wire

    I was looking into the control cavity on my R8 - the pots and caps are aftermarket vintage-style, installed by a very reputable tech. I noticed that the grounding wire extends across each volume and tone pot, but there is no wire connecting the two tone pots. Most images I have seen show the...
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    Help With The Burst Serial

    I think we can all agree that there are some pretty amazing tops on many of the 2013 reissues people here on the forum have been buying. These tops are more intense than almost any reissue I have ever seen. The “Super Burst” is a great (but certainly not the only!) example. I’ve been trying...
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    I'm Excited ...

    ... I'm very, very excited ... Anticipation ... :teeth
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    Diagnose a buzz for me

    My Reinhardt 18 has exactly one annoying tendency: when I hit the open low E string with any real volume, it buzzes. Since I play mostly at lower volumes (maybe 2-3 on the scaling), it is particularly noticeable and annoying. When I apply pressure on the control board (see video - click on the...
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    This new R0 is MINE now ...

    ... because I just gave it its first ding, right up by the G-string tuner. I managed to ding it on a music stand in the rehearsal room on campus where I am a professor ... political science, if anyone's asking. I can recall a time in my younger days when this would make me sick ... I...
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    New Member AND New Guitar

    Hello, all ... I posted my intro in the other section a few days ago, along with some pictures of my tobacco sunburst R8. Today the R9 came from Mark's Guitar Loft. At 9lbs., it is just about the same weight as the R8, with a slightly beefier neck as well. This new one really screams, and...