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    Kim Simmons and the Double Cut

    Simmonds has been playing LPs 50 years. He has a nice looking green DC here. I have always called savoy brown music "Boogie Woogie". It's fast rock n roll with slow blues in the same song at the same time. BTW he had a DC in the early 70s with big square inlays.
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    Ten Pound Standards

    Check out the new non weight relieved LPs at the end of this review of the 2019 lineup. They are Norlinesque at over 10 pounds.. I'm very curious to see how 10.4lb LPs sell. Of course there are weight relieved LPs too. I'll bet Gibson doesn't offer 10lb LPs again so get yours now. I like to see...
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    Grohl Sets Record

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/music/news/dave-grohl-chugs-beer-immediately-falls-off-stage/ar-BBS5aU6?ocid=spartandhp Grohl now holds the record for falling off the stage. Notice how he always protects the guitar.
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    Solid Rice Guitar

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    TJW Has Left Us

    https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/tony-joe-white-polk-salad-annie-singer-songwriter-dies-at-75 I 1st heard him on reel to reel in 1975
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    Worn Case Logo

    The Gibson logo on the case of my 2014 LP Standard is the gold/black logo. This one is almost worn off yet I almost never used or moved this case. It was stored in a closet off a bathroom. It literally wore off without friction. Only the black background remains. Are their stencils I could buy...
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    How Strings Are Made

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    Slide King Rod Price

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rod_Price Another of the underappreciated greats from the 70s golden era of guitar bands. (read the wiki piece above on Rod Price)
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    Norlin Sense of Humor

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    Pau Ferro

    http://www.wood-database.com/pau-ferro/ This is a link about Pau Ferro wood which is being substituted for Rosewood. This is a very good looking wood grain and color. Read the comments after. They mention allergies and drying issues. However some of the issues don't effect finger board...
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    Yes LP

    Steve Howe Norlin LP.
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    Irish Instrument

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_XvKcLxj6I What instrument is this singer playing?/ Is that a Lute?
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    Bryan Ray's 59 Burst

    http://www.burstserial.com/picture.php?/3231/category/963 I read in Tony Bacon's book printed in 2014 that Bryan Ray of Paul McCartney's band had just purchased this LP 59. PS: if Whitrock sees this here's a question for him. Do real 59's use bushings set into the body for the two bridge...
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    Known Vintage Bursts

    http://www.burstserial.com/ Loaded with mug shots.
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    SC Guitar Show

    I attended a large show in Spartenburg SC today. Very good crowd with lots of guitars. Tons of acoustics One vender came from as far as NY. I saw a bunch of old Martins in the $3-4k range. Also saw several 50s Strats and Teles. One Tele was $19k. Saw a couple of Strat bodies and necks but priced...
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    Dremel Chuck

    This is a little doo dad for your Dremel that lets you use a wider array of drill bit sizes. It's very tiny. About the size of a jelly bean but it makes your Dremel much handier. $7
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    The Best R&R PAF?

    If I can only pick one humbucker set in a LP Standard for growl and tone for classic R&R I'd pick the SD Pearly Gates. I think it's obvious the PAFs own the classic rock genre. Anybody think otherwise? One nomination only please.
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    Speed Knobs Vs Top Hats?

    Anybody have an esthetic preference for top hat knobs over speed knobs on their LP? I'm selling a LP soon and I'm curious which knobs to install. Gotta look your best ya know? I think the speed knobs are a tad big looking. The top hats even weigh almost a half ounce less than speed knobs. I...
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    Recommend LPJ Bridge

    Ive got a 2016 LP Junior arriving soon and I have been looking at wraparound bridges of various brands. Prices, metal, types and brands really vary. I have Faber bridges in my two regular LPs but Faber wraparounds are pretty pricey. The adjustable Faber Wraparound in over a hundred bucks and...
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    Peter Green Setup

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8RhZDGLEXMhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8RhZDGLEXM Freeze the pic at :10 secs and look at the infamous out of phase neck pickupon Peter Green's Les Paul. He's got the one side sunk down a long way from the strings