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    Kauer Banshee

    I scored this Kauer Banshee last week. It slays me! The neck is .89 @ 1st fret, and the Wolfetone Kauerbuckers are a stellar choice for this guitar. The neck is slighly underwound, the bridge slighly overwound over his Legend pickups. The light banjo tuners are not visible from the front...
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    Burstbuckers are out - '07 CR8

    I was getting bored with my Cloud 9 CR8, after getting a Collings City Limits. Hunkerin' down at home lately...more QT with my guitars. So I swapped out the BBkrs and put in Dimarzio 36th Anniv PAFs, worn nickel finish. Guess what? It smokes! Much livelier, full, balanced tones. My chambered LP...
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    Anyone try Throbaks in their Cloud 9?

    With Throbak pickups all the rage these days, I was wondering if anyone has tried them in their chambered Cloud 9? And if so, which ones? I still have the original BBs in me '07 CR8.
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    Stunning Collings City Limits ala Jeff Beck

    http://themusicemporium.com/guitars/collings-city-limits-jet-black-aged-lacquer-w-throbaks-black-bobbins Came across a stunning Collings CL at the Music Emporium. This has to be the coolest CL ever. Aged black finish, wraptail bridge, uncovered Throbaks...it's a looker for sure. The vibe is JB's...
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    Fret size '57 LP Jr?

    Does anyone know what size frets Gibson is putting in the new Historic '57 LP Jr?
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    Brown truck brings me a CR8

    I am loving it! Thanks to Steve at Wildwood for helping me find an awesome guitar. Question: How do you get the "Custom" sticker off the pickguard? It's really on there good.