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    Gibson Original Collection Wildwood Select Les Paul Standard ’50s

    Not Wildwood Spec Gibson Les Paul 50's Standard, but in my opinion top looks like it could be. Burstbucker 1 & 2 are great pup's no need for changing them. Absolute stunner. Last pic is from shop where i saw it, and was a must to get.
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    My Current Les Pauls

    My newcomer and my trio of Les Pauls. One pic including my Les Paul Junior with dark flamed burst.
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    2020 Gibson Quality

    Last friday it arrived and nothing to complain about quality. During the years have had some guitars - including Les Pauls - during the 50 years i have played since 1972. Heritage Series Standard 80 Elite, Heritage Series Standard 80, Guitar Trader with original P.A.F:s, 1972 Les Paul Custom...