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    Anyone using Cream T pickups ?

    Id really like those familiar with these pickups to share their experiences with us, as this company is very interesting due to their modus operandi. Even if you dont currently have these in your Les Paul, but plan to do so, tell us all about it. Lets make this a great thread !
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    Alpha pots, used in the finest pedals, why not in my Les Paul ?

    Im just curious about this one, and thought Id just share my thoughts . We use CTS, and Bourns 500 K - 550 K audio pots almost without exception in our Gibson guitars, and yet the makers of the finest boutique pedals choose Alpha pots over all else, why should this be ? Alpha pots are more...
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    Thickness of 1952 - 1960 Brazilian Rosewood boards ?

    Ive learned over many yrs that the thickness of a fretboard has a baring on the tone. Im interested to know how thick the boards were on the 52 to 1960 Les Pauls, and how this correlates to current and past Historic reissues ?
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    Crowther Hot Cake appreciation.

    Despite outward appearances this three knob pedal has proven to be one of the most useful and versatile pedals I have in my collection, and has not left my pedal board for the last three yrs. The irony is that I initially dismissed the pedal as a mistake, and it sat unused for yrs. When the...
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    Pre wired loom's for Les Paul's.

    So many traders on Reverb, and Ebay offer these 'pre wired 50s loom's as drop in replacements for historics, not to mention companies such as ThroBak, for eg, offering the same thing with vintage caps and selected vol and tone pots. If you were going to point a friend toward a company with a...
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    Anyone using Sigil humbuckers?

    There are some really impressive sounding posts on YouTube. Are you using them ?
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    Can someone explain Ultra Linear operation in guitar amps?

    A number of 1960s Vox amps have the prefix UL. Jimmy Page was known to use these amps. I myself have what I'm told is a UL operating amp. I associate Ultra Linear with Hi Fi, but know it is close to Cathode Bias in certain aspects. Could someone help us understand this unusual breed of guitar...
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    JDM Fuzz pedals, what do you think?

    I've been really impressed with the range of pedals available and am keen to hear from those using JDM pedals. If you have a favourite please chime in..
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    Neck pitch increase from 1957 to 1960, what's the truth, and do we have the evidence?

    While we're all familiar with with the disaster that was the launch of the Les Paul model in 1952. The neck pitch so shallow the intended setup was impossible, but corrected in 1953. It has been suggested that by 1960 the neck pitch had increased year on year since 1957 (or earlier) , and that...
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    Which Alnico type is most midrange dominant?

    If I have a PAF style pickup with an average 8K Ohm coil . Is it possible to maximise the midrange by choosing the right alnico type? I guess I'm asking if one type of alnico has more midrange character than others ?
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    'Q pickups' small boutique pickup maker based in Croatia. Any

    Just got off the website. Basic info on all single coil and 'bucker pickups available to date with the option of placing custom orders on any pickup. The bulk of business is currently done through ebay, the range and options available look good and I'm quite intrigued and considering placing an...
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    Low voltage V High voltage tone caps in Les Paul wiring loom.

    Do high voltage capacitors sound any better than low voltage caps??
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    My first 'ES' Gibson Where do I begin?

    I've never forgotten the first ES 335 I played. A dot neck cherry from 1992. The same year as my Les Paul, identical neck profiles but a sound so good it hurt to leave the shop without it. For the first time in many years I'm finally in a position to 'go hunting' for my first ES Gibson, but...
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    Grover tuners.. to be or what should never be.. on my LP ?

    Replacing the Kluson style tuners for Grovers on my '92 standard and' 04 R7... Would you do it ? Have you done it? These are the questions I'd like to ask those that know.. And as shallow as it may be I just love the look of a set of worn nickel plate Grovers on a Gibson headstock. I've heard...
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    Can someone explain Dimarzio's "Air bucker" design used in some PAF models?

    I've heard of "Air coils" that have very low inductance, can someone give a simple explanation of how Dimarzio is using this in many of their lower output PAF style humbuckers? My 'virtual paf' by Dimarzio apparently uses this design and it was the basis for their 36th anniversary PAF...
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    Your 1'st choice TOM bridge replacement for your historic

    So many options available to players, please share your journey to the finest tune o matic bridge in design and tone to the originals. Thanks guys
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    Mod/ member help?? Wilkinson vs 100 locking screw FRUSTRATION !!

    Hi guys, I've lost a saddle locking screw from a Wilkinson VS-100 vibrato bridge, and for the life of me I can't find a replacement for it ANYWHERE.. Can anyone help ?? It's the customers choice on the guitar I'm building and after a really difficult build, Inc carving the neck out of Purple...
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    Tweed advice, want to try a 2x10 cab with 5e3 head

    I know that the tweed Deluxe should have a Jensen P12r, but I had a head made up from a destroyed '59 Deluxe, the transformers were both saved and Ive fitted it out with all period correct valves by RCA exept the 1st position with has a GE 12ay7 (6072). I have been using it with various...
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    Upgrading my 2004 R7

    Ive read the plastics upgrade sticky where examples of Historic plastics from 2004 were compared with Fatboy and DMC versions, and have found that the Historic parts from the same yr as my R7 are far paler than those fitted to my guitar. Could it be that Gibson were fitting paler plastics to...
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    Love for Duncan Antiquity's ?

    When I first joined the LPF there was a small number of custom pickup winders doing vintage PAF style pickups and at that time the Seymour Duncan Antiquitys were among those highly regarded by members with PAF's in their '57-'60 Les Paul's. So, what with the choice of accurate high quality...