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    Need experts PAF help

    I have a chance to get a PAF from a 61 SG looks all original no rewind Double Blacks long magnets with original cover hav'nt put a meter on it. I was going to replace the neck on my JPP with this. I can get it for $1,500 do you think it is worth doing. What should it read and is the price OK...
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    Is a Jimmy Page CA a Historic

    Hey Gang I"m a recent owner of 05 JPP 267 CA I know they state the board is not braz but my 03 R7 #73 137 with a braz looks and smells Identical of course the necks and fretboard are totaly different as well as the fret wires. So would this giutar be considered a Historic? The Pups are...
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    Going rate for Page LP

    I just picked up a JP Authentic #267 for $4,500 cdn it plays like a dream and the sustain is amazing subtle flame with nice book match would this be considered to be a good price Thx Old-Guy
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    Another addition

    Just can't stop playing this tone monster she sounds and feels and plays like no other I have. Should be working now using a different ISP Old-Guy
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    Firebird VII Opinions

    Hi Gang, I have a chance to pick up a 1991 Reverse Firebird VII Custom Shop 3 pickup in Kerry Green. It has the ebony board with block markers and hardware is all gold it has a stop bar with an ABR-1it is excellent shape, do any of you own one or have opinions on this I can get it for about...
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    1980 Heritage Les Paul Elite Burst

    1980 Heritage Les Paul Elite Burst Hey Gang, I know nothing about Norlin era Guitars but I just checked out a 1980 Heritage Orange Burst and I loved it ebony boad 9.5 condition. I can have this guitar for $3,300 canadian. What do you all think. I know it's a Norlin but boy does it play well...
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    1980 Heritage Les Paul Elite Burst

    Hey Gang, I know nothing about Norlin era Guitars but I just checked out a 1980 Heritage Orange Burst and I loved it. I can have this guitar for $3,300 canadian. What do you all think. I know it's a Norlin but boy does it play well. Old-Guy
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    57 GT Dark Back Now Black

    Well i finally got my custom made 5 ply black pickguard to finish my 03 57 GT Dark Back in all black plastic like every original 57 i have seen and played. I have heard that they were also done in cream but i have never been lucky enough to see one or a pic of one. I find the cream just dosn't...
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    I live in Canada and have no idea where to find Nut slotting files can anyone steer me to a good on line shop where I can purchase such. Thanks In Advance
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    Need Advice

    I just got back from a freinds place that I have known for many years. One thing led to another and he told me his Grandpa had left him some Gibson guitars in his will. He showed them to me there are 3 of them. Looking at serials one looks like a 58 washed cherry plain top. It has little to no...
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    What PUP's in 85

    He gang anyone know what PUP's were used on 85 SG Specials. They are uncovered black Hums with some ink stamped numbers on the back. Thanks O-G
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    Whats the dif?

    What is the Difference between the Burst Bucker and the Burst Bucker Pro's? O-G
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    PUP ?

    I've got a couple of PUP's kicking around that I bought a while ago but never used. I'm thinking of dropping them into my 333. The neck is a Duncan SH-2 Jazz and the Bridge is a Duncan Custom Custom. I would put covers on them as well. What do you all think?? OLd-Guy
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    What do Ya Think

    Spotted this on the Bay what do you all think it will end up at, the story if true is the old legend. 61 SG Later Old-Guy
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    What's the Difference

    I'm wondering what the difference in actual look of a maple cap when comparing Eastern Maple to Western Maple. My thoughts would be that since the Eastern Maple grows in a colder climate the growth rings would be smaller thus not as thick stripe or flame. With Western growing in a warmer...
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    04 LP Standard GT??

    Just got back from my local LP dealer. When I was there I noticed a Gold Top hanging there and when I checked the price I was shocked at how cheap it was. It looked like a GT light back but was in fact a USA LP Standard. I didn't know Gibson USA was making a Gold Top Standard. Anyone else seen...
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    R7 Neck Compared to R9

    What are the difference between the neck profile on the R7 & R9. Just currious. Old-Guy
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    Its Done

    Well I said goodbye to my 03 LP-PP today and welcomed home my new 03 R7 I got top money for my LP-PP and the deal went through. I have just put her down after about an hour of playing and I am very happy. This is a great axe and I love it. The BB1&2 Combination sounds much better than my...
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    It's Done!!

    Well I closed the deal this morning trading in my 03 LP PP in on a stunning virgin 03 R7. The deal went vey well and I was given top dollar for my LP PP. I am leaving early to go home and crank her up. I will miss my LP-PP but I think the R7 will fill the void. Guess I'll have to go over to the...
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    Saying Goodbye to my LP

    Well I have had a 2003 LP PP for about 6 months and have really enjoyed playing her. She will be leaving me next week on a trade for a beautiful R7 GT Dark back. I have played and own a number of guitars and this R7 is amazing just over 8 lbs and a dream to play a real tone monster as well. I...