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    Lifton reissue case hole where pickup selector switch presses?

    I've had my R7 a whole 3 days and already the pickup switch has left a hole in the inside of the case lid. The guitar shipped with the switch tip removed and a round padded piece of felt pushed onto the screw threads. Are you supposed to remove the switch tip every time you put the guitar back...
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    Brand new R7, headstock scratches normal?

    I received a brand new VOS gold top today and was wondering if some smudges and light surface scratches were typical on the shiny black surface of the headstock? I'm thinking it's perhaps where someone at the store has attached one of those clip-on tuners or maybe changed the strings before...
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    Nitro smell?

    My 2019 LP Standard and 2019 LP Special both still absolutely stink of solvents. They smell like a chemicals factory and if I"m around them my lungs feel sore.....which is more than a bit worrying. I've just taken delivery of a brand new ES335 and it doesn't smell even one quarter as bad as my...
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    Gibson CWW Costa Rican hardcases versus TKL Canadian?

    Just got a brand new Gibson and it has a brown CWW case. I noticed immediately that the latches were different and inside was a label from CWW saying Made In Costa Rica. When did Gibson change from using TKL Canadian cases? The quality seems OK, not noticeably different.
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    Dilemma! What would you rather have?

    I currently have a white 2010 USA Gibson Les Paul Custom (9.5 outta 10 condition) and a heritage cherry sunburst 2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s (10 outta 10 condition). However, I have the opportunity to swap both of these guitars for a brand new Iced Tea Gibson Les Paul R8 VOS. What would...