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  1. J

    Les Paul with no ground wire

    I had a Les Paul Pro come into my shop with a complaint it was buzzing all the time. Much to my suprise there was no ground wire to the strings and there was no evidence there ever was one- no hole anywhere. Anyway I just had to pull one of the studs and drill a hole but I wonder how often that...
  2. J

    GAL Convention open public day

    I thought you might like to know that the guild of american luthiers convention is open to the public on sat the 10th of july 1-4:30 PM. The display area is open for anyone to wander in- they dont advertize this fact but you can go to thier homepage and find out about it. there are normally...
  3. J

    Tele W-Bigsby string ground problem

    Any tricks for this? I dont want to drill any holes or run an exposed wire across the face of the guitar between the tailpiece and the bridge pickup plate although the latter would be probably the least objectionable. Problem is the ground is continually compromised when the floating bridge...