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  1. Slashburst

    I'm back after long time! New TM aged 59

    I am a member of the forum since maybe 2008/09. Had a couple of R9's, R7 and a R8. They are all gone. Now my collection comes to one 2007 Tom Murphy aged 59, with Creamtone Parts. Hope you enjoy. Good to be back with new forum platform!
  2. Slashburst

    Current Ace Frheley's burst mad at Gibson

    Posted at Al's FB current Ace's burst owner, by himself: Ace Frehley Burst. PLEASE SHARE POST!! You may notice that Ace sounds thicker than the Riot burst. Back in 1986 when Vic Dapra had every 59 Les Paul imaginable, I asked him which one was his best sounding burst? Vic replied to me the Ace...
  3. Slashburst

    New roasted TH Les Paul

    Martin, Collings, Bourgeouis, all have been doing it for some time now. Gibson started doing it now with Les Pauls. Thoughts.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSKTR28_cAg
  4. Slashburst

    Keith Richards Burst - VIDEO!!

  5. Slashburst

    Burst For sale!! Ace Frehley burst (the real deal)

    The real Ace burst is for sale by his owner now, Al Romano. No affiliation with him. From Al's FB "I am honored! When I was a teenager I idolized Mark Reale and went to many of his concerts. Mark was undeniably one of the greats in hard rock music. I listened Riot all day yesterday as I played...
  6. Slashburst

    Feeling lonely tonite... (20th anniversary content)

    ...but not that much!!! Cheers and rock n roll
  7. Slashburst

    JBLPlayer teaches how to set up Les Pauls!

    For you guys who love to change PU's and pots, or whatever, take a look at this!
  8. Slashburst

    First appearance of 2015 historics?

    Unfortunately I can't speak german, so I can't tell what is he explaining, but by the date of the video posting and some words on the description... The p.u covers seem really different from the usual historic and now closer to the old ones. Plastic also looks more accurate. What do you...
  9. Slashburst

    2013 20th anni 59 Les Paul and the Bluesbrakers!!!

    This is my recent acquisition (last Christmas). I found this at a local guitar shop here, with a guy I usually trade gear. I traded my old 58 reissue (Jackie) for this one. The guitar is stunning! The tone and playability of the 2013 guitars are really outstanding. It was exposed on the guitar...
  10. Slashburst

    Ace/Al Romano Burst to be the CC#

    So at NAMM Gibson is advertising this one to come soon: I personally find this one to be amazing!!!:dude:
  11. Slashburst

    New PAF´s partnership between Led and Doyle...opinions?

    These are the new PAF pickups produced by Doyle (Les friend) and Les. It is supposed to be a high end boutique pickup without the known muddiness existent in the humbuckers... What do you guys think? enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v821kiOxUFM#t=62
  12. Slashburst

    Lavielctro Pedals

    Have you guys seen these pedals. Seem pretty well made. No association... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_uII6VMBsA
  13. Slashburst

    Joe Bonamassa plays The Beast!

    Every new video or interview I see of Joe, makes me admire him more and more. Don't know him personally, but he sure seems to be a very humble and easy person. Found this video of him with The Beast, playing a Marshall custom made amp JTM145 Head. Congrats Joe for being such an amazing...
  14. Slashburst

    Throbak MXVs on my R8 - need help here

    Hi guys, I'm sure you can help me! Installed throbak mxvs pu's on my r8 for 2 years now. Playing it through a Marshall class5 and an Okko Diablo oD. Recently the feedback when playin with the okko on, through both pu's has been terrible. Any thoughts? Thx so far
  15. Slashburst

    Doug and Pat show is back with Joe B!

    What a down to earth and humble guy...as well as amazing geetar player. enjoy:3zone http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=bPiPqV28EY0
  16. Slashburst

    58 Burst Les Paul with huge tone!

    Hope you enjoy!:applaude http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9vJxesLAHc&list=UUE657sh-FvHnXTQI3ZLBqLg&index=2
  17. Slashburst

    60 Burst, nice tone!

    Thought you might enjoy... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4MGNr769AE
  18. Slashburst

    9 0663 back to life and Walking this way...

    Finally Joe took the dirty off this amazing guitar and gave it a try... Forward to 1:10.00 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_ZD74t4Rko:3zone
  19. Slashburst

    Nothing like family at home!

    Those are my gals. L to R 58 burst reissue with Throbaks and RS upgrade kit Dave Johnson Perry Burst (Throbak PU covers, AVH pickguard and rings and RS kluson aged tuners. Slash Epi GT 50's tribute Gibson Les Paul (friends geetar no longer with me...:old ) Sorry for bad lighting pic! :2zone
  20. Slashburst

    A "boy trying" to play a vintage burst...

    Awfull tone and playing...not!!:laugh2: Mr. Joe Bonamassa, ladies and gentleman... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78owGk0n3SY&list=UUf3r1JdYf6scuGaI0YRkyNg&index=3&feature=plcp