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  1. BillyB

    '93 pre-Historic '56 Goldtop

    Just thought i'd stick this on here - bought it Thursday, did an old school blues gig with it thursday night through a Fender Tweed 'high power' Twin and man did it sing - I don't know why i've never landed a P90 Les Paul before now but this is fast becoming my number 1 - it does EVERYTHING...
  2. BillyB

    Show your ES-5's and ES-350 s

    If you have one - let's have a look. Since checking out the incredible playing of Chicago based Joel Patterson with The Modern Sounds, i've been gassing for a full depth early '50's P90 ES 350, but in blonde - go on; make me sick with envy ... :photos
  3. BillyB

    Kenny Burrell's L-5

    I know Kenny Burrell has used a few archtops over the years and that he had a CC equipped L-5 around the time he did the 'Midnight Blue' album in '63 but i've never seen pics of it Then I saw this; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wAmxuHt5nw&feature=fvw At first I thought it was a custom...
  4. BillyB

    Ordering from Gibson Custom & Historic (L-5 content)

    Just wondering what the process is to get Gibson to make a custom built guitar? I'm thinking an exact replica of a '56 blonde L-5CES. Alnico pickups, 3 piece neck, AAA flame maple back, sides + neck etc.... Archtop prices seem to be a little vague these days - some are asking inflated prices...
  5. BillyB

    Custom shop ES345 on the 'bay

    Nice custom shop ES345 on ebay - different from the current standard issue model I've got a 2002 like this without the bigsby - great guitars. Shame they stopped making them...
  6. BillyB

    How many Bursts are not accounted for?

    Just curious - obviously, a certain number were manufactured between '58 and '60 - are they mostly all 'known' or are a sizeable number still missing, still waiting to be unearthed? (I've checked my attic/loft and was sorely disappointed :hee )
  7. BillyB

    ES 150 Charlie Christian query

    Anyone really well informed about these 'pioneer' instruments? - i'm looking to perhaps buy a ES 150 CC from the 1937-1939 period and was wondering what to look out for - about the pickup originality etc.... thanks BB
  8. BillyB

    New L-5CES + Super 400CES finished?

    Just looking on the Gibson website and there's no mention of the L-5CES and Super 400CES -the single PUP Wes L-5 is there, but still..... Also - no venetian cutaway Byrdland? What's happened to them - have they been put to rest? It's really bad if they have.
  9. BillyB

    Peter Green - what amps?

    Just got P.G's Fleetwood Mac on - what amps was he using back then. I know he had a Marshall combo(?) with John Mayall, but his tone is so much sweeter on the Mac recordings. Anyone know?
  10. BillyB

    L-7C - waddya reckon?

    I've heard plenty good things about 1940's/'50's L-7C archtops. Anyone regularly play one?
  11. BillyB

    P90/Alnico archtop owners!

    Can anyone give me a measurement? I need the distance between the top on the pickup and the string - on both neck and bridge pickups. Thanks B.B
  12. BillyB

    Gibson Archtops, Kenny Burrell & the florentine cutaway

    I've heard that Gibson archtops such as the L-5CES, Super 400CES, Byrdland, ES5, ES350T etc....adopted the florentine cutaway in 1960 because - or partly because of - a request by Kenny Burrell. I know he's used a florentine Super 400CES since the mid '60's, but the whole idea seems a bit odd...
  13. BillyB

    L-4CES Alnico

    Just had it converteds to Seymour Duncan Alnico staples. What great pickups! It's a real shame that Gibson sidelined them after only 3 years. They're mounted on custom carved ebony risers. A really neat job too. I haven't used it in anger yet (only got it back today) but at low volume, it...
  14. BillyB

    300 series horn shapes

    Just curious - I heard that the change in horn shapes on the 335, 345 + 355 between '58/'59 and the mid '60's was due to wear on the tooling. Is that really true - by '65 they looked pretty different. Almost deliberately different; was Gibson trying to follow the SG range with a more pointed...
  15. BillyB

    Electric Tenor guitars

    Anyone know the reasoning for these strange beasts? I can understand the demand back in the 1920s because of the plectrum banjo, but the 1950s?? Here's a 1951 ES-5 and '59 Byrdland. I've also seen Gretsch Duo Jets done the same. Most odd......
  16. BillyB

    Custom Shop one-offs - any experience? (ES 350T content)

    I'm curious about making a one off order from Gibson's Custom shop. It would be an exact recreation of a blonde P90 ES 350T - a 1956ish reissue. Just a stock thinline hollowbody - flame maple ply back, sides and front. Original short scale spec too. Original blonde ES 350T's seldom turn up, and...
  17. BillyB

    '59 LP Standard for sale in UK

    Just popped into Music Ground in Manchester this morning and lo + behold there's a '59 LP Standard hanging up on the wall behind the counter. Looks original - I couldn't get close though. Looked like the tuners had been changed to grovers. No price - but it's the first one i've seen on display...
  18. BillyB

    ES archtop 'sag'

    How common is it? How bad can it get? I'm thinking about '40's + '50's archtops like the ES 350 and ES 5 - I would imagine that ply tops are more susceptible?? thanks BB
  19. BillyB

    Show some Super 400 love

    The Byrdland photos got me a thinkin' - anyone got a Super 400; CES or C or non cut acoustic? If so get it shown. :2cool
  20. BillyB

    Show your Byrdlands!

    Strangely, it's never had the same 'kudos' as its full scale spruce top bretheren, but they such a fine guitar. Anyone got a '50's Alnico one? Actually, any year will suffice - and tell us how they play and sound - which amp they sound best through etc... ta BB