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  1. lare65

    Current bursts for sale...

  2. lare65

    Hey it's Mat from Gibson Product Development - AMA

    Thanks Mat. Do you know anything about the magnets? Alnico V?
  3. lare65

    Hey it's Mat from Gibson Product Development - AMA

    Great thread Mat! How do you like Tim Shaw pickups? Do you know what kind of alnico magnets where in those? I have a ´84 es 335 (black) which have those and they have very low KOhm readings (7.1 something..). Killer pickups though, and guitar. It sounds very Les Paul like on the higher frets. It...
  4. lare65

    50´s wiring on a 1984 es 335?

    Thanks PaulD! But what do you mean with the "clue" thing?
  5. lare65

    50´s wiring on a 1984 es 335?

    Did the es 335´s from 1981-85 have 50´s wiring or modern?
  6. lare65

    Pot problem on a ´58 es 175.

    I have a volume pot on my ´58 es 175 that is hard to turn. It isn´t totaly frozen though. Its in a can. What is the best way to make it run smooth again? It would be great if I don´t have to take the pot out of the guitar.
  7. lare65

    Maple- vs mahogny neck on es 335?

    All other things being equal, I presume a 3-piece maple neck would sound a tad brighter and be more consistent (harder) then a mahogny neck? Am I right? The reason I ask is I have a `79 with a maple neck that I havent needed to adjust the trussrod on in 20 years, and I am wondering how it would...
  8. lare65

    To spray or not to spray?

    How do you fix your vintage pots when they are scratchy or making signal loss - as treble loss etc on your high value Gibsons? Do you spray them with electric cleaningspray or will you advice against it?
  9. lare65

    Toggle switch problems -60, es335

    Sometimes when I switch over to the neck pu on my -60 es 335 I am loosing treble. Its the toggle switch that is causing this problem. If I switch back and forth the treble comes back. Its not easy to take the switch out (it also is covered with black scotch tape) so I would be happy for some...
  10. lare65

    PAF pu reading?

    The neck PU on my -60 ES 335 sometimes read high when I check it with an multimeter? Can be as high as 13 KOhm and then when I turn the volume down (I check with a cable in to the output jack btw) and up again it reads normal 8.3 KOhm. Is it something wrong with the pot or can it be the PU...
  11. lare65

    Long guard -60:a Es 335?

    Looking for a good repro (or original) long guard for a -60 Es 335. Any suggestions?
  12. lare65

    I polished my VOS R8 yesterday..

    I used Gibson pump polish. I´m very pleased.
  13. lare65

    Dark fingertips...

    ...when I do a lot of bending on my 2016 R9 historic. Are Gibson darkening the fingerboard with something?
  14. lare65

    2016 standard historic pots.

    The pots on my newly required Standard Historic R9 (2016) works much better then on my 2013 R8. Cleans up better and a more even taper. Do you guys know if Gibson actually have had CTS change the specs for the pots?
  15. lare65

    Anyone know where to find a Vox ac10 srt(head)?

    They seem very hard to find. Any suggestion where to look? Or send me a PM if you have one!
  16. lare65


    R9, 2016 Historic Standard. 8.6 lbs (3.8 kg). I´m happy!:salude