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  1. GimmeGibson

    A stupid question

    There is another Les Paul site where the forum looks very much like this one, perhaps you people are aware of it. I am on both of them. My (stupid) question is, are they related in any way? I don’t want to be posting the identical topics on both if there is a crossover of some sort. If they are...
  2. GimmeGibson

    LP weights

    So interesting. People often discuss the weight of their Les Pauls. So now that I have two to compare I got around to checking this out. The two models are, a 50’s Standard (2019) and a Classic (2020). The Standard is a solid body and the Classic is the 9 hole relief model. I triple checked each...
  3. GimmeGibson

    NGD-LP Classic Translucent Cherry

    Had an itch for new guitar. I grabbed my Squire Contemporary off the wall where it was really only wall art, my Epiphone Tribute Plus which I never played since getting my Gibson 50’s Standard, and went shopping. Well to be honest I knew what I was looking for. I had seen this 2020 Classic the...
  4. GimmeGibson

    Sore neck

    Yes, sore neck. So I am 59, not exactly a model of physical fitness…more of a poster boy for couch potatoes. I have returned to my musical ways after years of not playing and I find myself getting a sore neck, the degree of which is directly proportional to hours spent playing the previous day...