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  1. crossroader

    Marshall 2555X's

    I have one of these heads...black tolex, and have been running it thru a cab with 20w G12M Greenbacks and it sounds amazing! Picked it up off of reverb.com for a decent price and am absolutely loving it. Marshall did a fine job on this rig.
  2. crossroader

    R9 Fretwire Size

    Found the info needed....Jescar 45100 appears to be correct fretwire for the instrument. If anyone cares to comment, feel free. Cheers!
  3. crossroader

    R9 Fretwire Size

    Gents, Would someone be so kind as to inform me of fretwire size for a 2004 R9 Les Paul? Am about to have a fret job done and want to use the original fretwire size on this instrument. Thanks in advance!
  4. crossroader

    No more tubes?

    Check out this guy's invention... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URvfywUxWzk&feature=channel_page
  5. crossroader

    Swart Amps...is it just me?

    ...or does this rig sound great? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ruw3ucZu4vw
  6. crossroader

    The Les Paul Story

    I'm guessing that someone has probably already posted this somewhere on the LPF. So please forgive me if that's the case. The thing is, I can't help but feel that it's just way too cool not to share it with y'all. :2cool I'm sure you'll dig this every bit as much as I did. There are 5...
  7. crossroader

    Does anyone here own/ordered the new Royal (Page Hiwatt)?

    I just put a deposit down on a new Royal JPP-100w and I’m very much looking forward to plugging in when it arrives. It’s being built by the same guy who built the Page Hiwatt that was posted on here some months back. The thing is…I’m just curious if anyone else has either ordered one, or...
  8. crossroader

    G12H-30w vs. 25w Greenbacks

    I'm sure this topic has been discussed time and time again, but if some of you guys wouldn't mind, I'd really like to hear your opinions regarding the tonal differences between the 30w Celestion vs. the 25w Greenback. I'm about to put a 4x12" cab together and I'm considering using either 4 30w...
  9. crossroader

    1980s Chinese 12ax7

    Does anyone know where I can get a few NOS '80s china 12ax7 tubes? Any help would be sincerely appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  10. crossroader

    Awesome point-to-point Marshall ! ! !

    Now here's what I call a true work of art point P2P wiring job! Look out Metro and Germino! Looks like you've got quite the competition! http://cgi.ebay.com/MARSHALL-AMPS_W0QQitemZ230210066764QQihZ013QQcategoryZ38075QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  11. crossroader

    03-R7 Stinger Goldtop

    Have any of you guys seen any 03 Stinger Goldtops for sale in recent months? I sold 7 3677 Stinger Goldtop with a slim profile neck a few years ago and out of curiousity would love to know if anyone one here happens to own it, or knows where it might be. Anyone?
  12. crossroader

    '72 Marshall Super Lead 100

    Greetings! I'm about to pull the trigger on a 1972 100 watt Super Lead. It's in pretty much mint condition, with a lay-down type transformer. The one thing that I'm curious about is that it has some of the chicklet caps, as opposed to the mustard types. Nevertheless, it's completely stock...
  13. crossroader

    Clark Beaufort, or Carr Mercury?

    I'm thinking about springing for a small amp with a single 12" speaker to try and get a decent early ZZ Top type tone. I've pretty much narrowed it down to either the Clarke Beaufort, which is Tweed Deluxe clone, or a Carr Mercury, which somewhat similar in one way or another. Have any of you...
  14. crossroader

    New 03-R9 "Aged Authentic" Burst

    Here's a few shots of a new 03-R9 I picked up the other day. I was looking for one that kind of looked old and this one seemed to fit the bill. It's an 03-R9 "Aged Authentic". Not too heavy at 8 lbs-12 ozs and the neck is extremely comfortable. Although not quite the feel of an original 59'...
  15. crossroader

    Whadayaguys think?

    Just put a deposit on a pretty much mint, more or less NOS 2000-R9 with a "flecks galore" Eastern Maple top at Mark's. I actually went up to put a deposit on another 99-R9 teaburst he had... and that one was a real beauty too! But I just liked this one better for its tone and feel, which are...
  16. crossroader

    Rossington Les Paul Serial# 34

    Does anyone here happen to have Rossington Les Paul # GR-34, or know who does? It came from Willcutt Guitar Shoppe in Lexington, KY. Just curious. Thanks in advance!
  17. crossroader

    Nut replacement, or file fret?

    Nut replacement, or file fret? HELP! I'm hoping someone can suggest something regarding this issue. I have a new R9 and am getting some string rattle/buzz on the last fret closest to the headstock. The nut may potentially need replacing, as the string is sitting quite low in the nut. Or...
  18. crossroader

    paging...mr. tomgreen

    Can anyone put me in touch with Tom Green? If you're reading this Tom, could you be so kind as to email me? I'd like to speak to you about your new Les Pauls. Thanks very much! Regards, Mark aka-crossroader
  19. crossroader

    Marshall Plexi on Ebay?!?!?!?!?????

    Here's a hoot! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2529951668&category=38075