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  1. guitarbob123

    Gibson Mesa Boogie

    Noticed Gibson have just acquired Mesa/Boogie, seems like quite a big step. Interesting to see what/if changes from both sides in terms of marketing/pricing/production etc. :ganz
  2. guitarbob123

    60th Anniversary 1960 Reissue- Antiquity Burst NGD

    Pulled the trigger on one of the new anniversary reissues this morning, couldn’t resist with all the changes in the decade since my last Les Paul. Purchased from MaxGuitar (of Dutch Burst fame) in Netherlands, great to deal with, hopefully it’ll sound as good as it looks! (As an added extra...
  3. guitarbob123

    BBC Cancel show, fans massively disappointed...

    Joe's band, Black Country Communion have just cancelled their only UK date of 2013 due to 'unforseen circumstances'. This is a massive disappointment to many fans who love the band and their music, especially with the release of Afterglow growing ever nearer. There's many fans who had booked...
  4. guitarbob123

    RIP Gary Moore

    :rip http://www.hotpress.com/news/7492280.html
  5. guitarbob123

    Flying with guitar?

    Hey guys I'm flying over to America from the UK in a couple of months and was planning on purchasing an R0 while over there. One of my main concerns of this idea was that the guitar would not be allowed to be carried on as hand luggage and would be forced to travel in the hold, in which it my...
  6. guitarbob123

    Anyone know the story?

    Hey does anyone know the story of this burst that Keith is pictured with? I've seen the picture quite a few places but never found out where and when it was taken. Someone here must know? :salude