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  1. Pellman73

    Duane Hotlanta 29 and Nicky CC24A 111

    PB132461 by peter ellman, on Flickr Hello everybody its been a long time since I posted. I felt I had a couple worth while and some morning Carolina sunlight bringing the flames on these two beauties. I've kinda been on a journey. Corpse knows a lot of it. I'd say back in 2002 it all started...
  2. Pellman73

    PNVGD 1958 Les Paul TV Model Junior Single Cut

    First real vintage Gibson-- Corpse here is responsible. I had been wanting one of these for a good year or two but the right one didn't seem to come up. I think this is perhaps a covid related sale. I guess there IS a silver lining. I heard the spotted salamanders are also thriving due to...
  3. Pellman73

    ES-335 pickup recommendations for my 2013 Blonde

    Hey y’all I’ve got a 2013 Memphis TDN 1959 es-335 itss a gorgeous guitar. I was thinking of selling it because the neck is a little unwieldy (shoulders too broad for my my tastes) and it’s very wooooooofy, and woody— not enough bite for my tastes. I’ve decided to go the other direction and...
  4. Pellman73

    2017 R9 Historic Makeover Dirty Lemon Tiger Flame-- believe the HYPE!

    Well I was in NYC for a conference a few months ago and I decided I needed to check out Rudy's Music in Soho. I literally had to take a knee when I walked in because there was a V, two bursts, and a 56 burst (yes. there was one) in the little case inside the door. Just crazy. I could post pics...
  5. Pellman73

    2004 Murphy Aged Rossington SG

    Haven't posted in a while. Gonna post a couple today. This guitar is so good! It was at Gruhns. The neck is just a little beefier than perhaps some of the other SGs I've ever played. I'm not sure if the Maestro and the Grovers add some resonance but this is an absolute beast of a guitar...
  6. Pellman73

    Rossington SG Reissue Question

    Hi y’all- Looking at maybe getting one of the old Rossington SG’s (w the Vibrola). Great guitar. But no signature on the back of the headstock. I was wondering if anyone can tell me if some had them and some didn’t? Thanks! Peter E.
  7. Pellman73

    Smart Belle P38 in SEAFOAM SUEDE... what can I say... I like sea foam

    I just got this last week. Lance Keltner and Lee Jackson in Austin's take on a Dumbly thing 40 watts but you can have a half power to 18... 2x12 w creambacks Dumbly effects loop built in to the back. BUT I HAVEN'T EVEN USED ANY YET..... there's no need! I think my strymon volante into...
  8. Pellman73

    GRAIL 335

    Ok well I haven't posted in a while but I thought this one would be fun a few years back I got on this quest to get one of the 2013 1959 TDNs they did in Memphis with these, well, quite honestly, kind of mythical blister tops. There was a video from NAMM 2013, I read about them (hide glue...
  9. Pellman73

    NGD 2018 Mario Martin Strat Braz Lefty Neck Hendrix

    Well, here's a weird one! Chris Manus at Amelia Island Fine guitars had a couple of these made. I always kind of wanted to get a lefty strat and string it right to have kind of a Hendrix style guitar (for rightys) Well this is kind of like that! Its got a lefty neck and a lefty BRIDGE -- and...
  10. Pellman73

    Show Your Shredder Guitar!

    For a while now I've been cycling through shredder guitars just trying to find the one I can keep... I feel I need ONE guitar with a locking tremelo and a compound radius board... in case of the zombie apocalpyse I guess. So I've had some Surhs and some Ibanezes ... nothing was really a...
  11. Pellman73

    NGD Gil Yaron Burst

    I'm in love... again I have one of these already but saw this one and couldn't let it go. Now these are the only les pauls I have! kind of funny... Works of playable art. This one is just perfect to me... and I love the braz board. To me a les paul just looks right with a dark braz board...
  12. Pellman73

    2015 vs 2017 True Historic 1959s

    Anybody tried both-- can someone just give me the rundown on the differences? I have done a search on here already and couldn't find anything recent if there is already a good thread on this then I'd appreciate someone just posting the link here thanks
  13. Pellman73

    NAD Park (built by Mitch Colby) Rock Head 50 with matching 2x12 cab (G12m Heritage)

    This is a good one! Worked with Mitch Colby who built this beautiful head and cab to go with. Two channels... you can get all the marshally stuff you like! And I love how it looks. This is Mitch's take on some old Park circuits but giving you some options to There's enough options with...
  14. Pellman73

    2017 Les Paul Standard with Brazilian Fretboard in Green Lemon with great top

    Hi yall-- letting this one go I'm open to offers https://reverb.com/item/14360500-2017-gibson-les-paul-standard-vos-with-brazilian-fretboard-r9-1959-green-lemon
  15. Pellman73

    NGD 1987 Ibanez Jem 777LNG (Loch Ness Green) 383/777

    Well I've wanted one of these for a very long time. Got this from a guy in Canada... wasn't totally sure about it but it looks incredible and plays even better for those of you who don't know this was the first Jem-- they did 777 in the Loch Ness Green. All signed and numbered by Steve Vai I...
  16. Pellman73

    Simplified Rig

    All in a row now into the front. No effects loop... trying that. I'm liking this so far! I've got the strymon multi switch set to control the timeline banks.... I'm going to try and preset the banks to have two of each setting-- so two digital delays, two buckets and so on... then I hit...
  17. Pellman73

    NPSGD Vintage (70s?) Lloyd Green Sho-Bud LDG model

    what am I doing? I don't know. I have absolutely know idea how to play one of these things.... but I'm looking forward to learning! I've recently become obsessed with the sound of pedal steel. I think they are so cool. I saw the Daniel Lanois Rig Rundown and he plays these.... I've looked...
  18. Pellman73

    NGD Whitfill Tele

    Well I had no plans to buy any more guitars for now but I got to talking to this fella Cliff up at Destroy All Guitars which is about 50 min from me and I looked at his site and saw these Whitfill teles (he had two). I can't remember where I saw one (maybe someone here can help) but it was...
  19. Pellman73

    Porkolator Incoming

    ; Got one on the way... anyone else porkolating?
  20. Pellman73

    NAD- What you get when you spill water on Gizmo

    haven't gotten to plug it in yet (wife be nappin :rolleyes:) but man this thing looks amazing!