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  1. dwagar

    Attenuated SV20C

    I've been playing since about '64. I've never owned a non Master Volume Marshall before. But I abolutely love how this amp sounds. I see a lot of people compaining about how loud they are, even on the 5 watt setting, once you jumper the channels and crank it to where you want it (I run it at...
  2. dwagar

    Blackface Bandmaster

    A very special new amp day for me. This was my brother's amp. Our first amp. My dad bought it new in '65 or '66. By serial number it is a '65. Although it was my brother's, I also played it through Junior High and most of High School (I did have a Twin for awhile, but it was stolen. I used the...
  3. dwagar

    Dallas bar recommendations?

    In April I'll be in Dallas with a few friends (our starting point for a motorcycle tour of the Ozarks), we're flying in a couple of days early to spend some time there. Can you guys recommend some good music venues for me?
  4. dwagar

    Trapeze measurements?

    Does anyone have the exact length for the rod on the trapeze? There's probably a schematic or something out there somewhere, but I'm a tad inept at finding stuff on the net. My new '53 has the trap cut short, making use of a Dove type bridge that was routed into the body. I was originally...
  5. dwagar

    1953 Auction Find

    A fellow posted about this auction on the Guitars Canada site. The guitar looked real interesting to me, so I tossed in an absentee bid. Turns out I won it. It's way the hell in Ontario (I'm in Alberta), so I won't have it in hand for a week or so. It was listed as a '52 or '53, but it does...
  6. dwagar

    1961 SG/LP Value?

    There's a '61 for sale at a guitar store a couple of hundred miles from me, so I haven't had the guitar in hand, just had them send me some photos. They are asking $4500 Cdn (with tax $4725), that's about $3600 US (with tax $3780) right now. Too me it seems too expensive for what it is, but I...
  7. dwagar

    Supersonic 22

    Anyone else using a Supersonic 22? I just ordered the blonde 1x12 combo, it'll be here in about a week. I've been using my JTM60 2x12 for years. It has a pretty good clean sound, and the requisite Marshall dirt channel. But for the last couple of years, we've been micing everything, so I...
  8. dwagar

    Saving a '57 Special

    I cut my R&R teeth on an odd duck '55 Special ('67-69), traded it in on the '64 ES330 I still own. For years I've wanted another Special, but couldn't afford what they are worth these days. I almost went with a Historic, a few discussions with Liam kept me on track to watch for a player I could...
  9. dwagar

    iStrobosoft Tuner is 99¢

    Peterson's app for the iPhone etc is on sale right now for 99¢. Normally $9.99. Good chance to snap one up if you've been wanting one of these. I snagged it the other day, I've since ordered the cord from them too ($12.99) http://www.petersontuners.com/index.cfm?category=150
  10. dwagar

    Marshall impedance matching, Dr Z Airbrake

    I'm confused. My natural state I guess. I just bought a Dr Z Airbrake to use with my JCM800/Fender cab rig. The JBL cab is 4 ohm - but I could rewire it to 16 ohm. I have the head set at 4 ohms. It's really loud, I need to attenuate to get my tone back. Or convince the band that it's okay to...
  11. dwagar

    Marshall (2204) head on Fender JBL cab

    It may look like an odd duck, but I sure like the tone I'm getting now. The upside down "2204" head is the amp out of my '84 4010 combo in a home made cab. This is my favorite amp. I love this thing. The Dual Showman tall cab (2x15" JBL D130Fs) I've owned since the early '70s. Still works...
  12. dwagar

    Marshall into D-130s?

    anyone running a Marshall into a Fender D130 (Dual Showman) 2x15 cab? I've been looking for a bit of a different tone, tonight I tried my 4010 combo (JCM800 2204 head) into an old Dual Showman JBL tall cab I've had since about '70. At first blush I quite like it. I think it's cleaner and...
  13. dwagar

    tenon on the new Standard

    Some pix on MF on the new Standard, check the tenon: and an asymmetrical neck shape here's the page link http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Gibson-2008-Les-Paul-Standard-Electric-Guitar-?sku=519336
  14. dwagar

    shifting the tailpiece

    I thought I'd test this out. Singlecut on another forum suggested that, since the difference in location of the bottom stud is only off 1/16" (historics v originals exc for the R0), rather than moving the stud, it's probably possible to just machine 1/16" out of the slot of the TP. well, I...
  15. dwagar

    1/4" mini switch hole - fill or leave?

    My '74 Custom, as was so often the case, has a 1/4" hole for a mini switch - used to have a JB bridge pup in it. I finally scored a TTop to put back in there, but I'm left with the hole. I did find that the end of a glass fuse fits quite nicely in there. Is it worth getting a luthier to plug...
  16. dwagar

    40 yr band reunion

    I got to wind the R9 out in a field this weekend. As this was a long weekend in Canada, we put together our old band (started in '67) for fun. With only 2 short practices, we were still able to pull off 24 of the old songs - and we didn't suck all that bad. Over the years we'd lost one member...
  17. dwagar

    Carpal Tunnel

    Any hints on how best to deal with carpal tunnel when you still have to play?
  18. dwagar

    Mick Ralphs' Ex's

    There are a lot of ex-Mick Ralphs Historics out there. How many new owners hang out here? Here's mine, '01 R9 - fretboard, inlays, etc. courtesy of Historic Makeovers. Someone on here has an '03 R9 Braz I believe (maybe you could post a pic or 2?), any others around? And were yours, er...
  19. dwagar

    Toggle switch wiring 101

    My toggle switch is making me crazy. My toggle cut out, figured it must be a wire. So I pulled it to check - damn those wires are short. Anyway, when the ground is connected, I have no sound. When the ground is pulled, it works, but I get a ground buzz if I touch the metal ring. I can live...
  20. dwagar

    Historic Makeovers "D" - she's comin' home

    :applaude Kim and Dave jumped through a few hoops to get my guitar ready for today - I wanted it for a gig on Friday night - really nice of them to do that. I've just got their pix and it looks just beautiful. Beyond what I imagined. A bit of background: I bought my '01 R9 from Marks about a...