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  1. burstone

    Neck tone control not working

    Neck tone on one of my LPs doesn't seem to be working. Nothing happens when I turn the knob from 10 to 0. Neck tone pot measures out at 528K using a multimeter. Does this mean the neck tone cap is dead or there's a cold solder joint between the cap and the pot(s)? Also, when I tap on the pickup...
  2. burstone

    NGD: Darkburst R9

    1999 Darkburst R9. Been digging the Y2K R9 a lot that I posted about few weeks ago, so when this one became available, pulled the trigger. IIRC, the last time I had a '99 R9 was also a darkburst back in early to mid 2000 with exposed double white Antiquities that looked killer. '99s and...
  3. burstone

    NGD, sort of... Y2K R9

    I haven't posted much for a while but this one turned out pretty well with cool story, so thought I'd share. Bought it past November 2020 from the original owner who's had it since he bought it new in April 2000. He played and gigged the heck out of it for 20 years and decided to sell it in...
  4. burstone

    Superglue safe to use on celluloid inlays?

    One of the inlays on my 56 GT is is lifting up slightly causing string buzz when fretting before & on that fret. Is it safe to put couple drops of superglue under the inlay and press down with fingers for a quick fix? Would the superglue dissolve the celluloid inlay? If not superglue, then which...
  5. burstone

    Paging lpnv59...

    links fixed...
  6. burstone

    Warren ripping on his blonde 335...

    One of sweetest tones I've heard! :dude: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezKAm0QLx3A&feature=related
  7. burstone

    The sun came out finally...

    so... took some pics of the R9 again. There's more greenish hue and less red than the pics show when seen in person. No ugly chair this time but the deck could use some TLC... :jim
  8. burstone

    Back in the Historic District... (2007 R9)

    It's been about 2 years since I last owned a Historic. Found this one at another forum that I just could not pass up (actually, Charlie talked me into it... :biggrin:). Weighs ~9 lbs even, the neck is not as big as some of the other recent Historics I've tried & owned and tapers down as you go...
  9. burstone

    Plastics for my R6

    Who makes the most authentic looking P90 covers and pickguards for R6? Mine is from '93 if that makes any difference vs. more recent ones.
  10. burstone

    Let me play the 09 R9 game too!!!

    This finish is what I think of when someone says, "Darkburst". Can't wait until she arrives! :jim
  11. burstone

    Make it Sang, Gary! Make it Sang!!!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zg3xYMpkCUc&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWvygv933H0&feature=related
  12. burstone

    Bogner Shiva!!!

    Just got a latest model, a 1x12 EL34 combo with separate reverb and bright switches for both channels and adjustable boost knob on the OD channel. The clean channel sounds beautiful, better than many Fenders I've owned and tried. The OD channel sounds just gorgeous. Very easy to dial in the...
  13. burstone

    Who else is leaving their '07 R7s - R0s factory stock??

    As indicated in my other thread, I'm really digging my '07 R9 with all the factory stock parts/electronics. Granted I only had it for a few days now, but I don't see why I should change the pickups and/or the rest of the electronics (and other hardware). Who else is leaving theirs factory stock...
  14. burstone

    Jumping on the '07 Historic R9 Bandwagon!!

    I haven't owned any Historic for about 2 years now, and have been skeptical about all the praises showered upon the '07s. But, several close friends who own real bursts and other vintage pieces won't shut up about their '07 R9s! :biggrin: So, I've been looking around for about a month for one...
  15. burstone

    A legend with his '64 Cherry...

    Enjoy! http://youtube.com/watch?v=Q3wX1wn-0go&mode=related&search= http://youtube.com/watch?v=apeu0am5LZQ&mode=related&search=
  16. burstone

    EJ with his cherry 335

    I believe his is a '64. Awesome showcase of what they can sound like in one of the masters' hands. To me that guitar sounds just perfect in his hands! :dude: http://youtube.com/watch?v=yLhub6eueX4 http://youtube.com/watch?v=SxC9fxNeHOw&mode=related&search=...
  17. burstone

    Which Caps in the early '60s 3X5s?

    I just happened to look through the bottom (near the knobs) f-hole on my '64 335 and noticed one black beauty cap wired to the bridge tone pot. Couldn't see the one for the neck tone pot. Are the black beauties what was used on the early '60s 3X5s?
  18. burstone

    335 on which live Cream songs?

    On which songs did EC play his '64 335 on the old live Cream albums?
  19. burstone

    Cherrie... a '64 335...

    At the urging from a dear friend of mine, I've decided to shamelessly flaunt... I mean share... :) some pix of my recently acquired '64 335. She is all original with the original case except for the nut that was replaced with a graphite nut by the second owner many years ago. It's taken me...
  20. burstone

    Opinions on the '66 -'67 335s??

    I have this circa '66/'67 335 coming in a few days for a trial and wanted to ask those of you who have tried or owned these what you thought. This one's all original except for the pro-done tailpiece conversion. Originally a bigsby model...