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  1. dwagar

    1960 ES-330 TDN

    Beautiful. I think a 330 has wonderful tone, and are very light. I've had my '64 since 1969. It's come through on many a gig when my old back is hurting.
  2. dwagar

    Simple question ..... what is the coolest non Gibson guitar ?

    I'm also voting Telecaster.
  3. dwagar

    What's on TV? Show your TVs.

    My '57 Special. Greg will recognize this one, he brought it back from the dead. I bought it with a broken headstock and a horrible refinish. Had it shipped straight to Greg. It's 7 lbs 3 oz. Absolutely fantastic guitar.
  4. dwagar

    Hi I dont know what model is my guitar

    what does it say on your Certificate of Authenticity?
  5. dwagar

    Bending ABR1 posts and doubled up thumbwheels

    I use the stainless steel posts on my R9 (search the Mapleflame mod). IMO it does change the tone a bit, which I like. On my '64 ES330, the posts were getting a bit loose, so I used double thumbwheels to correct it. I can't remember where I bought them, but IIRC I used vintage style thin...
  6. dwagar

    The End of an Era

    Congrats on semi-retirement. Good that you have kept some great guitars. I'm 69, will be 70 at lot sooner than I'd like. And retired. Music has been a gift my whole life, and likely yours. As long as your hands can handle it, don't ever walk away from it. And you're blessed with the memories of...
  7. dwagar

    Attenuated SV20C

    here's a pic before I put the LED in.
  8. dwagar

    Attenuated SV20C

    John has it on top of P. 97, this is the one I used I made a couple of changes. I built the 16 ohm version, I put only one output jack on it (the SV20C has a single 10" speaker). Because the SV20 has a 5 watt setting, and because I was planning on using the amp for practices and gigs (not for...
  9. dwagar

    Attenuated SV20C

    I've been playing since about '64. I've never owned a non Master Volume Marshall before. But I abolutely love how this amp sounds. I see a lot of people compaining about how loud they are, even on the 5 watt setting, once you jumper the channels and crank it to where you want it (I run it at...
  10. dwagar

    Do we like 1974 Les Paul Customs?

    I think '74 Customs are great. Here's my old one: It had to be sold to help finance my '57 Special. Hopefully, the one the OP is looking at still has the original pickups. I really liked those old TTops.
  11. dwagar

    Blown Away!! Music City Bridge,"Stud-Finder"; Replacement for Gibson LPs w/ Wrap-Over

    I'm good with Mojoaxe. I have both their wrap on my Special and their trap on the '53.
  12. dwagar

    Should I let go of this '55 TV Special I've had for 25 years?

    You've owned it for 25 years, don't HAVE to sell it. I think you'd always regret letting it go. If the headstock bothers you, that's not hard to get cleaned up. Talk to Greg about it.
  13. dwagar

    Amps you sold but should have kept

    1984 (I think it was) Marshall 4010 Combo. I thought it sounded fantastic. Too loud, and a one trick pony. I'd even made a head box so I could pull it out of the combo and use it with my huge old Fender 2x15 JBL cab. But I decided I really needed a channel switching amp for my band. So I sold...
  14. dwagar

    NAD (last night) 1982 Marshall JCM 800 4010 Master Volume 50 watt 1x12" combo

    I gigged a 4010 for maybe a decade. Killer amp, loud, a one trick pony but nailed that one trick. Sold it because I needed a channel switcher. Still miss it tho.
  15. dwagar

    Vintage P90 pickup weight

    the neck pickup from my '53 is 4 3/4 oz.
  16. dwagar

    To Convert or not Convert

    I'm in the 'no' camp. But I'm also a big P-90 fan. Don't forget if you're going to convert a '52 you likely have to get the neck angle reset too.
  17. dwagar

    New addition to the wall (and this Pub)

    Congrats! Way to pick out a birthday present.
  18. dwagar

    Cigarette Burns?

    I'm guilty of doing that myself. The top tolex was always melted in spots where the cigarette burnt down. That's a really good question. Where are they?
  19. dwagar

    Upgrading a 2001 R7

    My '01 R9 came with '57 Classics. I thought they sounded pretty darn good. I did, however change them, to Voodoo 59s, which I really, really like.