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  1. Ad_02Std

    As of today I've been a member of the LPF for 10 years!

    I don't post here much any more, but I do still check in from time-to-time. Just wanted to say thanks to everybody. :salude Cheers Adam
  2. Ad_02Std

    Gary Moore with an SG.

    I posted this video on the Jack Bruce thread, but thought it would be appreciated here too. Don't think I've seen Gary Moore playing an SG before. Really great playing and sound here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_ZcoqkQy8w
  3. Ad_02Std

    Chrome non-compensated wrap bridge; where do I buy one?

    My 2001 SG Junior was fitted with slanted studs, but came with a late '60s style compensated bridge. This combination has never fitted together properly and I'd like to replace it with a plain non-compensated wrap bridge in chrome. Unfortunately these only seem to be available to buy in...
  4. Ad_02Std

    Nice collection!

  5. Ad_02Std

    James Dean Bradfield on his white Custom

    http://youtu.be/5gslKjS155Q I'd kind of forgotten how influential James Dean Bradfield was on me when I was learning to play. I must've attempted to learn all of these at some point. He's really underrated as a guitarist. One of the main reasons I had to have a Les Paul.
  6. Ad_02Std

    My favourite guitar rig in action

    My Les Paul + Marshall 2203 via TwinStomp Booster: http://youtu.be/0tb5rUMibtI Adam TwinStomp.com
  7. Ad_02Std

    Paul Kossoff at his best

    This might be my favourite piece of Burst playing ever. Free - Moonshine (live in Sunderland, 1970)
  8. Ad_02Std

    Jimmy Page recording Led Zeppelin II

    Olympic Studios - June 1969
  9. Ad_02Std

    The new Supro reissue sounds good.

  10. Ad_02Std

    Shiny, shiny! The new TwinStomp OD-Boost Deluxe

    Our brand new overdrive plus clean boost pedal, seen here in Deluxe bright polished stainless steel finish. The OD-Boost is an overdrive plus a clean boost. The overdrive and boost circuits can be used separately or cascaded together for massive gain! It is now available in three different...
  11. Ad_02Std

    1960 Burst in Germany

    Apologies if this has been posted already. I've not been following this forum too closely of late. http://shop.guitarpoint.de/en/product?info=1668&x3358b=720103dcbe0a262fed5f63ab63012163 I have no affiliation. Just thought it was of interest.
  12. Ad_02Std

    Youtube are nearly 11 hours into a live broadcast...

    ...announcing the nominees for best Youtube video of the past 8 years. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGeMGqVKD6A
  13. Ad_02Std

    Cool P-90 tone from Audley Freed (with the Black Crowes)

  14. Ad_02Std

    Cool P-90 tone from Audley Freed (with the Black Crowes)

  15. Ad_02Std

    A bit of vintage SG Junior

    Philip Sayce http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4l2DH0GK40 I actually saw him a couple of years ago and wasn't hugely impressed that night, although his cover of "As The Years Go Passing By" that closed his set was pretty top. This is good stuff though. I much prefer his SG tone to his Strat...
  16. Ad_02Std

    Gibson doesn't make the SG I want

    ...and they never have. I've come to realise that the guitar I really want doesn't exist. The specs are as follows: - Once piece body - Chunky neck and full size nut - Wraparound bridge with slanted studs - Two humbuckers with regular controls - Neck binding and dotted fretboard - Large late...
  17. Ad_02Std

    Really nice Les Paul tone here.

    English blueser Aynsley Lister. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxJsddf8i1E
  18. Ad_02Std

    Portrait of Iran

    I have no comment on this myself, it's just interesting to see. http://imgur.com/a/oRpnu Found at reddit.
  19. Ad_02Std

    What amp am I looking for?

    I'm currently playing in two bands; one is an old school rock trio, loud and proud, the other is a soul/funk trio, also pretty loud but... tidier (it's late here, I can't think of a better word). Amps currently at my disposal are my trusty 1982 Marshall JCM 800 2203, which is perfect for the...
  20. Ad_02Std

    New SG Special Humbucker model

    This looks pretty cool. http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/SG/Gibson-USA/SG-Special-Humbucker.aspx