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  1. slammintone

    CS '63 Telecaster Relic

    Grabbed this one the day I saw it. Love rosewood neck Telecasters and this was the one I was waiting for. Plays great and sounds fantastic with stock Abby signed Twisted Tele pickups. From 2013 Untitled by Rick S., on Flickr Untitled by Rick S., on Flickr Untitled by Rick S., on Flickr
  2. slammintone

    New Rickenbacker

    Ive wanted a Rick for years, decades even but just never pulled the trigger on one. Finally I decided I needed to have one but which to pull the trigger on? Untitled by Rick S., on Flickr Untitled by Rick S., on Flickr Untitled by Rick S., on Flickr Midnight Blue 350V63. And extremely well...
  3. slammintone

    NGD, the wait....is over!

    My new 2017 CS 59 Standard got here today from Breaze Guitars. She's a honey. Nice not too chunky '59 profile neck with rounded off edges, C shape medium to small shoulders. Around 8 1/2lbs and the color is a really sweet, nicely ambered Iced Tea shade. Well balanced set of tones, not too...
  4. slammintone

    Oh the wait begins. 2017 Standard content.

    This 2017 CS 1959 Standard grabbed my attention pretty good. In the end I had to have it. Seller took good pictures of her so I will share a couple here now while I wait for it to ship this week.
  5. slammintone

    Saw my first Burst yesterday.

    And I got to strum it a bit before handing it over to my pal Billy Ozzello . Totally took me by surprise seeing the guy (totally forgot his name but he was a heck of a nice guy to let me play this 59 Burst) come through the door with a Cali Girl case. I said "hey, that's a Cali Girl case...
  6. slammintone

    2008 '51 Nocaster Relic

    Foolishly let this one get away from me a couple of years ago but I managed to snatch it up again when it reappeared at a local shop. Haven't seen nor touched a CS Nocaster I liked as much the whole time she had been gone. And that just made me miss it all the more.
  7. slammintone

    New 2016 CS '61 Relic Strat.

    My new Fender! Had the pick between this and a Foam Green '56 relic but the neck and the finish overall sold me on the 61. She's common to the latest batch of 61s I guess in that she's got 9.5" radius, med jumbos and Custom Shop Texas Specials wound by Abby's replacement Josefina. It sounds...
  8. slammintone

    50s or Modern wiring for SG Standard?

    I have a new 2016 Gibson SG Standard T model which I dearly enjoy playing and hearing and all. It's just superbly crafted all the way around, good woodworking, good nut, frets, bridge and tailpiece alignment etc. Every thing good but it does have a static-y noise problem when I move the guitar...
  9. slammintone

    Superb Donna on Ebay!~

    Found this beaut still up on the bay this morning. Gorgeous, sultry babe of an axe!:salude Love the figuring on the horn area.
  10. slammintone

    NGD Darkburst R9

    Found this one over the weekend and wheeled and dealed on her and she's decided to follow me home anyhow. 2011 R9 VOS, 8lbs all stock and nearly new shape. Great C shaped neck carve that's not the least bit chunky or clubby, it feels fantastic and plays superbly. I'll have to get better...
  11. slammintone

    NGD 2001 R9

    This gorgeous babe of an axe followed me home today. It's kinda neat for me because it's from the same year I first found and later joined this great LP Forum. Featherweight and sounds as good as she looks!
  12. slammintone

    2014 Lemon Burst R8

    This was originally sold through Wildwood but it's just a regular R8 from 2014. Nice wide meaty neck with small shoulders, wide nut and superb feel. 8.04lbs but NOT one of their Fealtherweight series somehow. This one has the gloss finish. The sounds this guitar makes are everything I could...
  13. slammintone

    Y2K R9

    NGD find I picked up yesterday. R9 Historic circa 2000. Typical chunkier neck from that ere (my favorite) nice 8.27lbs weight and practically unplayed. Original pickups nowhere to be found but it has a nice sounding Seymour Duncan Joe Bonamassa set installed.
  14. slammintone

    NGD X 2 day!!

    Let my R9 go for these two beauties. Still got my R8 but this was a chance deal I had to act on or let go by and I've been jonesing for a good Fender for awhile. New are a Black Custom Shop '56 NOS Stratocaster from 2009 and a Vintage Blonde (as opposed to the much more common Butterscotch)...
  15. slammintone

    Tight jack socket??

    I replaced the plastic Historic jack plate on my R9 with a Gibson nickle plated steel version. The holes all line up fine and I button it in place and the guitar cords plug is all but impossible to insert into the socket. When I loosen the four screws that hold the jack plate in place on the...
  16. slammintone

    BMF, my new favorite wah!

    Bought one last night on the recommendation of a couple of pals that run a local music store. I guess it's a small boutique company that makes it called BMF and it doesn't have any other special markings but I was told that it was very vintage Crybaby sounding. I like vintage Crybaby's and I...
  17. slammintone

    NGD 2006 R9!

    Thank heavens I decided to stop and wheel and deal on this one. It's been in the store for awhile and I'd examined it briefly a few months ago and when I went back the other day I knew I had to have it. Haven't weighed it yet but the R8 I traded off weighed 9 lbs so I'm going to say somewhere...
  18. slammintone

    Beano in a box??

    No this isn't another in the myriad of Rangemaster Treble Boost pedals. This is some kind of Sorcery from the good folks at Prescription Electronics. I give you, the Supernatural! http://www.fuzzbox.com/supernatural
  19. slammintone

    Fun with smartphone camera.

    Took these pics of my 2007 R9 the other night using the backlit mode. Unreal how it pulled the flames up!