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  1. frenchphil

    what pickups on a 1987 bb king lucille?

    hello! i m looking at a 1987 bb king lucille en cherry red , the owner doesnt know anything about the pickups, except they are stock on the guitar, he is the first and only owner. so my question is: what are the stock pickups on a 87 lucille? thanks!
  2. frenchphil

    pots and caps on 74 les paul custom

    hi everyone. i m looking for advice: i have a 74 custom and i want to put it back to its original condition, the pots and caps have been changed along the way and i dont have the originals: my question is: what kind of pots and caps were there originally and where can i find them? thank...
  3. frenchphil

    looking for t top gold covers

    hi everyone ! i m looking for a set of gold t top pickups cover to put on my 74 custom..... anyone selling these? or do you where to find them? i searched the web but hard to find any help will be much appreciated cheers
  4. frenchphil

    thoughts on 1974 custom??

    hi there!! i need some advice from you knowledgeable people!! i m considering a 1974 custom , not a 20th ann, in black and gold hardware, all original except for pots and capacitors, pups covers are gone, original case, only one owner, the main thing is that a roland synth pickup was placed...
  5. frenchphil

    90 's les paul standard quality

    hi! just a praise for my 1993 standard. i bought it used 3 years ago after having owned r8 r9 and let me tell you the quality is superb. it s 27 years old and evrything is flawless the nut the neck the pups rings the plastics the hardware you just cant spot a default...
  6. frenchphil

    value of a 75 deluxe

    hi everyone im looking at a 75 deluxe gold top. very nice condition no breaks nor repairs all original except for the case . one tuner is slightly bent the serial is legit it s a 3 piece maple neck according to you what is the right price or in the ballpark? thanks
  7. frenchphil

    is this a real 73 deluxe? weird serial number placement

    hi everyone i m calling all experts here to help me identify a supposed 73/74 les paul deluxe gold top the seller seems a honest guy, but we ve been only exchanging mails. he s selling a deluxe in gold , supposedly from 73 or 74 he cant tell for sure. he says the serial number is hard to...
  8. frenchphil

    what is the average price of a real PAF and where to buy them?

    hi! it s all in the title...sorry if this has been discussed already..
  9. frenchphil

    best inlay stickers for es 335

    hello there what are the best block inlay stickers to put on a es 335 dot? cheers
  10. frenchphil

    1977 gibson rd artist value?

    hi everyone i m considering a 1977 rd artist in natural finish, all stock with ohsc, looking great , and the guy is asking 2600 dollars for it. i know nothing about the value of these guitars used, so can someone help me? thanks a lot
  11. frenchphil

    going back to original tuners after grovers were on

    hi everyone i put grovers tulip 102 series on my les paul as a replacement for the stock kluson. now i want to go back and i cant get in touch with the luthier who did the mod back then can you tell me what i need to do? have the holes been drilled larger to fit the grover or is it just...
  12. frenchphil

    pickup replacement on a dearmond m75? any advice is welcomed

    hi everyone, i have a dearmond m75 guitar, it's fitted with 2 dearmond gold tone humbuckers alnico 5 these are fine but i'd like to change the bridge pup which a bit too trebly for me, the neck stays in, just perfect what would you recommend? it's a cheap guitar, very well built, i dont...
  13. frenchphil

    dearmond goldtone humbuckers

    hi guys! just wanted to share this, i bought a dearmond m75 guitar, fitted with stock pickups which are dearmond goldtone i ve only had the guitar for 2 days, but thos pups are excellent!! a lot of spank and chime, clarity, they sound vintage, it's incredible; it's a cheap guitar, 1999...
  14. frenchphil

    time to say goodbye to the r9

    well first as i disclaimer, i wish to say that this is very common story, it must have happened to many and it's not so bad, there are worst things i life , for sure i dont want to make people sad, to want to cry i just wish to share some feelings with some of you who have or feels the same...
  15. frenchphil

    johnny marr 59 burst

    hi there!! i just found out that johnny marr from "the smiths" has a 59 burst i thought i d let you know, but you know.... here is the pic, strange flamed pattern http://www.johnny-marr.com/guitarchestra-2/1959-gibson-les-paul
  16. frenchphil

    rock will never die!

    hi folks! i wish to say a few words about what happened last week in my country france you know everything you got the news so my point is not to start a political debate, according to the rules of lpf just a few words for all the people who died while attending a concert of american band...
  17. frenchphil

    rory gallagher 76 deluxe for sale!!

    hi guys i just found this ad from a shop in my country france, i thought i'd share it with just in case there are some rory fans willing to buy a piece of history his 1976 les paul deluxe is for sale rory played in reims, france, in 1980 and obviously sold the lp back then now it's...
  18. frenchphil

    what are your least favorite effects?

    just for fun ! flanger fuzz tremolo auto wah noise gate guitar synth
  19. frenchphil

    mxr phase 90 love and hate relationshiip

    i d like you opinions on this pedal because i keep coming back to it, i use it then sell it then i miss it so i buy it again and sometimes after ii get fed up so ii sell iit again do you feel the same? or is it a keeper for you? i've used it before and after overdrive, on clean channel...
  20. frenchphil

    CATALINBREAD BELLE EPOC your thoughts and settings

    i m considering this tape delay, if you d like to give your thoughts and settings i'd like to know how it sounds in the loop of an amp, because i read it is designed to be put in front of the amp what sounds do you get out of it? can you have a delay just to fatten up your lead parts...